Freebie Friday – Crochet Poop Emoji



Poop emoji, I can’t get away from it. The kids love it. Lately, it’s the biggest request I get from the students. They think it’s hilarious. I refused to  make it for the prize box. I could just hear all the silly poop jokes an inappropriate sounds. Let’s not even mention all the hijinks I’d be subjected to in the name of comedy. I did relent for the craft fair though. Hey, if they wanted to buy it who was I to argue? The parents would have to deal with the shenanigans at home. I just needed to figure out how to make one.

I went online to find other crochet poop emojis and what I found wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping to find a video tutorial but didn’t have much luck. My first attempt was cute but it wasn’t exactly right. I can’t remember if I did it in rows or in the round. My second attempt was much better. It looked more poopy. 🙂 I made a very long chain with two strands of yarn and then a slip stitch in every chain. I coiled it around my hand (it naturally curled inward because of the slip stitches) and sewed as I coiled. I added stuffing and sewed it closed at the bottom. I was much happier with that second one. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of those two before they got sold at the craft fair.

Since I hadn’t found anything that resembled what I had made, I thought it would be perfect to shoot my process for a Freebie Friday video. When I was finally ready to shoot it, I went online one ore time and this time, found something almost identical to what I did! It was done with knitted cord instead of crochet but it was the idea of how I sewed it and wrapped it that I thought was unique. Oh well, I was beaten to the punch. Instead of shooting a similar video, I’ll just share the video that’s already out there since it’s pretty good and share how I made my crochet cord that was the base for my emoji.



I used a J hook and three strands of brown yarn. You could possibly do four strands to make it even thicker. I made about 100 chains but I might try 200 next time to get a bigger emoji. I used my hand as a guide versus the  toilet paper roll and when I finished sewing, I embroidered the eyes and mouth. Using more strands of yarn for my cord eliminated the need to add stuffing. I added a clasp to mine. The video below does a nice job of showing how to sew the piece together.


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