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Crochet snowman

Continuing the makes out of white yarn I mentioned in my last post, I used the yarn to make a snowman.

Trust me, I become a snowman.
See? I didn’t lie.

Pairing him with the Elf on the Shelf was so much fun. The kids got a big kick out of seeing them together.

The elf is making friends everywhere!

Crochet Angel Ornament In March

So continuing the Christmas theme in March ( I didn’t post any of my makes back in December), I had a bunch of little white rolls of yarn at work that I had made years ago for a project. A coworker mentioned liking crocheted angels, soooo… I made this.

I put the angel on the tree, and when it was time to go on our winter break, I gave it to my coworker as a gift. She totally loved it. 🙂

Crochet Girl Elf On the Shelf

Right around Christmas time, when the the Elf On the Shelf comes out for his shenanigans at work (after-school programs for those new around here), the kids started asking me for a crocheted girl Elf on the Shelf. They’d asked in previous years, but I never got around to it. They were a bit more insistent this year, so I decided to go for it.

I love Christmas!

She came out pretty cute, and as usual, the kids helped me design her. One student wanted her hair to be short (even though I wanted it long), and another wanted her to have a very specific skirt. When I was done, they were all very approving of my work. The kids started peppering me with questions about what the relationship was between the two elves. Were they friends, siblings, boyfriend or girlfriend? I told them I didn’t know and instead asked them what they thought. Naturally, I got different answers.

Then it was time to set her up with the boy Elf On the Shelf. I’ll admit that it’s not my favorite thing to have to move the Elf around the room every night but adding the crocheted girl was actually fun. The first pairing was above the entry door.

It’s pretty high up here!
Is this love?

One of my fourth grade girls announced that she knew it! She was his one true love! 😂 I thought it was super cute. Others thought they could still be friends. I let them decide for themselves.