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A Crocheted Dog Named Mouse

I’m currently participating in a photo book challenge on Instagram. I love reading and decided to incorporate my crochet into the book prompts. For the most part, I end up using crochet items I’ve already made and try to incorporate them into the theme of the book I’ve chosen. But for one of the prompts, I wanted to make something new.

The prompt called for a book with my favorite familiar or animal companion.

Meet Mouse the dog: A temple dog of Foo origin and Harry’s companion in the Desden Files.

Mouse is one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite book series. I knew I had to try and make him. I haven’t crocheted anything in months, so it was nice to have a goal and a challenge. He is described as being tall, has a broad build, his coat is dark grey, and he’s marked with black on the ear tips, tail, and lower legs. He has a lion-like mane around his face. Mouse seems to possess an extremely high intelligence, able to formulate complex plans, and understands instructions. He is a great fighter and a fast runner. In combat, he will occasionally emit a nimbus of pale blue light. He has supernatural endurance and healing abilities beyond mortal dogs. I love this dog! Continue reading