Scary Life Size Doll Head

I mentioned in a previous post that I was crocheting a life size doll of myself at work. Alas, I had to place it on the back burner in lieu of other, more pressing projects. Well, it’s day has come! I will not pick up any other projects until that doll is done. So I in that spirit…

I resumed work on the head. My little minions (Kindergarteners) couldn’t help themselves from helping me work on the doll. I had completed the head and had embroidered the face, using their suggestions of course. It was ready for stuffing.

Before I stuffed, I had to get up for something and left my work on the table. I can see all of you shaking your heads thinking to yourselves that I was asking for it. I see no pity in your eyes. I did indeed ask for it. I came back to a student running around with his hand in the opening of the doll head, using it like a puppet. A long string of yarn was tailing him around the room as it unwound from the ball of yarn. I quickly had him bring it back. Luckily, I had my stitch marker in so it didn’t unravel.


Can someone help me run around the room? I’m bored.

Now that she was rescued, it was time for stuffing. They love helping me stuff so I let them grab fistfuls of filling and let them have at it. They got a little over excited so I told them I would finish it off and that I didn’t need any more help. I had to step away yet again (I can hear the groans from here). One of my little helpers decided the doll needed more stuffing and when I came back, she was squishing the head while trying to stuff her. I went to rescue it again and told her I appreciated her help but I would take it from there. That’s when I noticed red smudges on the doll’s face. My little helper had marker stains all over her hands. Had to chuckle. I asked for it. So the doll had a little pink eye and blush on just one side of her face. No big deal. It added character. 🙂


I look so much better now! A little rosiness never hurt anyone.

In the meantime, I had one little boy telling me he wanted to pull my stitch marker out and pull the string. I let him know that that would unravel everything so to please leave it alone. I should have know what his sheepish grin meant.

Why oh why would I get up again and leave the head on the table just asking to be messed with?

In my defense, I constantly have to get up when dealing with kids and yes, I got up once more and left the doll head just begging to be ‘helped’ again by the students.  I came back to my work and the little boy with the sheepish grin had pulled out the stitch marker and yanked on the string. Fortunately, he only pulled out three or four stitches but I couldn’t even get mad. It was my own fault AND he gave me ample warning something was brewing in his brain.

When the older kids arrived, they were fascinated with the disembodied doll head. They thought it was creepy without hair or a body. Hey, the dolls don’t spring out fully formed! It’s a process. It didn’t help that when I do put the project up, I stick the head in a bucket with my materials.  I must admit, it does look creepy having a huge, bald head sticking out of a bucket.


I’m not creepy!

The head turned out a little smaller than adult size, so instead of a life size version of me, it’ll be a life size version of a  student. Still a massive project, considering how many times I have to put the work down. But we’re all excited about getting it completed. I don’t even have a time frame for it’s completion but hopefully she’ll be joining us by the end of the school year.


Give me a body, quick!


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