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SpongeBob Square Pants Crochet Hat

I had one of the sweetest things happen at work. One of my students in my after-school program brought back a blast from the past in the form of one of my crochet pieces that was out in the wild.

Back in 2015, I made a SpongeBob SquarePants crochet hat. That year, I was going to participate at the school’s annual craft fair and I decided to include the hat. I had a student boy who loved the hat, and when the fair came around, his mom sneakily bought him the hat for Christmas. I remember how happy he was when he got it.

This year, I have his little sister (Kinder) in my after-school program, and my former student is now 16 and in high school. She loves telling me all about her bro bro and how he has the crochet hat of SpongeBob that I made. Apparently he also has other toys I had made for him.

My former student designed this one. It was one of my first posts.

That was cute enough, but imagine my surprise when she walked in on crazy hat day wearing that hat! More surprising was that it still was in excellent condition! She was bouncing off the walls, she was so happy. She told everyone she could about how that was her brother’s hat and that I made it, AND that he let her use it. It was so sweet.

I have made so many many crochet items for my students over the 11 years I’ve worked in the after-school program, I don’t remember the half of what has gone out. It’s really nice to hear about the items the recipients still treasure. It’s even more wonderful when I get the chance to see it again!

Octopus Crochet Hat for Daughter

One of the things I love about crochet is being able to create something meaningful out of my own vision or someone else’s. My daughter wanted an octopus hat she had seen all over the internet. She asked if I could make her one. After seeing a few different variations, I felt confident I could come up with something.

Of course, she had her own design in mind. It made it both more challenging to meet her vision, and easier because I had a road map to follow. She is an artist and drew up exactly what she wanted. It was VERY specific. Most of the time, she ends up creating works of art herself just trying to show me what she wants. Do I sound like a proud mama? I definitely I sound like a proud mama.

And the final product! Since I don’t have this pieces any longer, I had to borrow from my account on Instagram (@yochetcrochet). The big doll wore the hat beautifully.

Ignore the books. They were for a bookstagram challenge. 🙂
Would you wear something like this? I wouldn’t, but my daughter insisted she would. Not sure I believe her. 😂

Conclusion: I was very happy with the outcome, but there are things I would do differently if I ever make it again.

2019 Small Crochet Graduation Hats

It’s time for our 5th graders to leave our program and our school, as they get ready to go off to middle school. Every year, I make them a little crochet graduation cap  in the school’s colors. It’s my small way of letting them know I enjoyed knowing them and hope they remember me as they continue on in life.

This years presentation of the little caps was my favorite so far. I bought jumbo-size Jawbreaker lollipops and made the hats so they would fit snuggly. I used styrofoam cups and a styrofoam ball. The kids thought they were snow cones! Yeah, they did look like snow cones. 🙂

small graduation crochet hats

small graduation crochet hats

small graduation crochet hats

The kids really liked them. I wrote a post and I made a YouTube tutorial about it when I originally made the hats. Here’s a look back at some of the previous years.

Craft Fair Part 1: Crochet Granny Square Beanie Hat

Yesterday, there was another craft fair happening at the school where I work. I didn’t do it last year and I wasn’t sure I would do it this time around. I get pretty lazy about getting up early on the weekend and even lazier about working furiously on projects to have enough inventory to sell. Then, when the fair is done, I have all this stuff left over that I have to store.

However, a friend of mine (the one that introduced me into the world of succulents) was going and she said I could share a booth with her so I didn’t have to make more things to fill an entire booth. I could simply take the few items I already had (mainly the stuff left over from previous craft fair, hehe). I could do that.

But still, I thought I should make a few more things. At the time, I had a whole 4 days to the fair!


I looked at all those granny squares I made for the Craft Yarn Council Course and just knew I could make something, anything, out of them.

I gathered all the squares and separated them by color. Then, I experimented with arrangements, and here is the first thing to come out of it.

Crochet projects_7.jpg Continue reading

Large Crochet Graduation Hat And Pattern

Ok, how do say this, my crochet, adult-size crochet hat is…not great? A failure? A partial failure? Totally cool? I’m not sure how I feel about it.

As I mentioned before, I get quite a few questions about how to adjust my small keepsake crochet graduation hats to be wearable. Well, I like a challenge (sometimes), and I decided to see what I could do. I couldn’t just increase the size of the little hats because a real human head needs something different. I went for it and this is what happened.

graduation cap_3

Lessons learned

I actually like the beanie part. It fit really nicely on the head so I might keep this for later use on other hats.

As you could predict, a large crochet square isn’t going to be very rigid. In fact, even with two strands (I used two strands), it’s quite floppy. It looked ridiculous. I tried to think how I could fix it and came up with two ideas. Continue reading