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Small Crochet Christmas Elf


I made this little guy right before Christmas at the craft fair I attended. There’s a lot of down-time and I like folks to see that I’m the actual person who crochets all the items on the table. It being Christmas time, I worked on this little elf. Two girls stopped by and just hung around. It took me a moment to realize they just wanted to see me crochet. They were fascinated seeing a toy develop right before their eyes. It wasn’t the best toy ever but it was cute enough.


Cute enough!

Once finished, I put him on the table. He didn’t sell, so I put him in our Ultimate Prize-Box. Today, one of my 5th grade boys picked him as his prize. Certain students gravitate towards my creations and he’s one of them. He’s the one who requested the green Pea Shooter. I don’t even remember how many of my items he has in his possession but it sure is nice to be appreciated in that way. 🙂


Tunisian Crochet Slippers

My old crochet slippers are getting holey, not to be confused with a spiritual experience, they have actual holes on their soles, but don’t worry, their soul’s are just fine.

I had made two sets and I liked them but they turned out way too big.

I wasn’t daunted, though. I crocheted the opening down until my feet didn’t fall out. But they were still way too big. I used the heck out of them anyway, which led to their holiness.

It was time to make a new set, and I vowed this new pair would fit better; no more clown shoes.

Tunisian Crochet Slippers3.JPG

So far so good.

I added a flower again.

Tunisian Crochet Slippers.JPG

But alas, good intentions and all that. They did indeed turn out smaller and fit really well but…

Tunisian Crochet Slippers2.JPG

Clown Shoes!

But I’m still going to wear the heck out of them. 🙂

Tunisian Crochet Slippers1.JPG

I like clown shoes apparently. 

These are very easy to make, which is probably why I keep making them. 🙂 And I love tunisian crochet because it creates a thick and cozy fabric.

For my next pair, I’ll definitely create something different, definitely. Yes, definitely.

New Crochet Pikachus

My wonderful friend, who has supplied me with many of the succulents in my garden, wanted a couple of crochet Pikachu’s for her grandchildren. I have received an abundance of cuttings from her garden that have bloomed into such lovely plants in my own garden that it was a pleasure making the toys for her.

crochet pikachuShe said her grandchildren loved them (hopefully she’s not just being nice).