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Finished Funko Pop Crochet Doll

The doll is finished and delivered. It didn’t have far to go, just down the hall. But first, the doll demanded a photo shoot. Kinda reminded me of my husband. 😊

My hubby wanted his own Mini Me in his music persona. He creates music and wanted a doll he could photograph as a stand-in for himself. The doll has already started its photographic debut! My hubby took a picture of him and posted it on Instagram. I was surprised and delighted to see it one morning. I posted that pic last.

I started with the head…
Wasn’t sure I could do the body in Tunisian but I did it!
Just taking a stroll in the garden.
And here’s my hubby’s pic of him. I love it!

Funko Pop Crochet

Now that the crochet Rosalina birthday gift is finished, it’s on to the next birthday gift. My husband wants a Funko Pop inspired doll of him. He created an image of what he wanted, and I’m in the process of making it.

Pretty good!

I decided on using Tunisian crochet for this one because I want to give it a knitted look. I don’t knit, so I like to pretend sometimes… I also thought the Tunisian simple stitch would work well here.

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Crochet Rosalina From Super Mario Galaxy

I’ve been working on a challenging project for a little over a week now, and I finally finished. My son is into video games, and he liked the Sora doll I made for him as a Christmas gift. His birthday was only a few days away and he asked if it was possible for me to make another game character.

Could I! Of course I could! I love when my family challenges me with something they want out of crochet. What he wanted was a character named Rosalina. As usual, I didn’t know anything about that character, but he showed me illustrations as well as video from the game. I got a good sense of her.

At first, I thought…easy peasy. And for the most part, she was. But that hair! And the eyes! I normally like to use buttons for the eyes. I asked my son if he wanted me to try embroidering them as we could always fall back on buttons if I couldn’t do it. I watched some videos for inspiration, and I did my own thing anyway.

So far so good…
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EEK! What did I buy on Wish!

I’m human. I have weaknesses. Books (I have thousands), jewelry (which I hardly ever wear), figurines (which I finally stopped buying), hooks (which I have sort of stopped buying), and small scissors (because they’re so cute). I hate shopping in general so I don’t fall for many gimmicks. I tend to overthink every purchase. But then I discovered Wish, and my weaknesses got triggered.

My son recently told me he purchased some shirts on the site Wish for a decent price and I was curious about it. I had seen a YouTuber that had a post about Wish, and I checked that out. Granted, many things on the site turn out to be junk and not worth even the small amount you might spend. But still…  I dangerously went on the site to see for myself, and I couldn’t help myself. I bought something, something I didn’t need.

Weakness 1) Some of you may remember that I have a wee bit of a problem with crochet hooks. Not surprising, I’m sure. I absolutely and unequivocally don’t need more crochet hooks but… they had a set that I couldn’t resist.

Tunisian crochet hooks.png

Admittedly, I have plenty of tunisian crochet hooks but I don’t have any with the string. I don’t have any projects in mind at the moment but now I will be prepared for anything!

New Crochet Pink-Haired Doll

After finishing my son’s Sora doll for Christmas, I started work on this new doll for my sister’s acquaintance. The only direction I had was for pink hair. Using the techniques I describe in my book (like how I snuck my book in there?), I made the body.

My sister and I picked out the colors for the dress. She had an idea on how the dress should look, so that’s what I set out to do. As with all my dolls, it’s the doll that decides what it wants. I started working on a dress, but it, or the doll–I don’t know which–didn’t want it to be a dress! I made several attempts at a dress before I admitted defeat. I liked how the top was coming out, so I kept that. The part that was supposed to be a skirt desperately wanted to be pants.

Then, it was on to the hair! I didn’t necessarily struggle with the hair, but I didn’t like it at first. She looked like a clown! But I kept at it, knowing I might have to take it all out and start over.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do that, and I ended up liking it.

The pins reminded me of a Star Trek character. 😂
The hair worked out!
My succulent garden makes for a great photo shoot.

I even included a little purse.

What do you think? Do you like how she came out?

Selling My Crochet

My sister that ended up with one of the crochet coats I made, claims she gets a lot of compliments on it and people asking if I sell them. I don’t, nor do I want to. Part of the reason is that they are very time consuming AND, I never know how they are going to turn out. I’d rather have something already made, and if someone likes it and wants to buy it, great. There’s no pressure. But I also don’t go around just making coats. Plus, that coat, the one with the plugs that took me ages to make and nearly drove me insane, is a coat I don’t want to revisit.

This one man in particular really, really, really liked it. He thought someone in his family would love it, but she told him I definitely didn’t want to make another one. She did however, show him my site showing my work, and he decided he wanted a doll. Let me point out I don’t necessarily sell my dolls either. I have sold them before, but it isn’t a business for me. If someone wants to buy one, or have me make them one, sometimes I do it, but that’s about it.

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