Squeaky Bed – Crochet Solution

Just a quick follow-up to show the final two crochet balls that stopped my bed from squeaking. Before, any movement caused noise. Now there’s nothing. Success!

A side view showing placement of the crochet cushions.
A pic from the opposite side.
A view from the top.
I tried to get them all the pic.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s definitely better than what it was. Luckily they really aren’t that noticeable in the bedroom. They just blend in now so I’m happy.

Crochet and the Squeaky Bed

So what do you do when your bed squeaks? And I’m not talking about an ordinary squeak. It’s a squeak so annoying, it drove some people insane (and by people, I mean me). This squeak started almost immediately upon installation of the aforementioned bed. It’s a pinewood sleigh bed and any movement caused it to squeak.

At first, it wasn’t so bad, but over time, it got worse and worse. Just sitting or shifting on the bed caused all kinds of noises. Almost driven to madness, I tried all kinds of remedies, like oil lubricants at the joints, but nothing worked. Eventually, I realized if I shoved something between the headboard and the wall, it would help.

Turns out the squeak was mostly caused by the headboard moving. The pillows I used were supposed to be a temporary solution. They were big and ugly, but they worked and so with time, they became invisible to us and became permanent! I don’t know why I finally decided to try something less ugly to put in the place of the pillows, but it was time to get rid of them! Wait, I do know why. My hubs and I were talking about replacing our bedroom set. We’ve had it for over 20 years. I like the set, aside from the squeak, and am good either way. But all that talk got me thinking about the bed and the ugly, ‘temporary’ solution I had and wanted to change it.

An idea was born. I rummaged through my yarn stash and found a color that matched the wood of my bed. It was yarn I wasn’t very fond of, (it was an ugly color) and it was rough to boot. I probably figured it would make good doll hair. Perfect!

I decided I would make four crochet balls that would be just big enough to put pressure on the headboard but small enough to disappear into the background.

I stuffed the balls with old cut-up t-shirts and leggings. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it did! I have two so far.

Two more to go! They will go at the top of that curve there that you see on the bed. 🤞🏼

Crochet Baby Yoda Embroidered Disney Hat

So, I got bullied by my daughter’s dog while I was trying to type up this blog post. Okay, maybe bullied is too strong a word. I’ll say encouraged. She likes it when I come out with her, even though she can come outside any time she wants.

It’s better with company.

I have to admit it’s much better typing this post outside.

It’s 80 degrees and and a slight breeze is blowing the smell of citrus blossoms my way from my neighbor’s yard.

It’s a very nice view. The sun was hitting the plants just right…

A humming bird has already visited me quite a few times. Unfortunately, a bee keeps messing with me too. But the sound of the birds singing is nice, so I will ignore the bee.

Anyway, back to Grogu and his hat. I pulled out an old Disney hat I had made for my other Baby Yoda that I gave to my sister. I’ve bounced around the hat on other dolls, but now that I have a new Baby Yoda, I unceremoniously took the hat back from the other dolls and embroidered the name Grogu on it. Originally, I was going to embroider ‘Baby’ on it, but he has a name now, so he gets Grogu.

I’m not the best at embroidery, but it got the job done.

Then, I spent a few hours trying to make him a little harness for the day Disneyland opens again, and I can take Grogu with me. I made and unmade a doll carrier over and over. I didn’t like any of the designs I came up with. I abandoned the project and decided to think on it some more. For now, Baby Grogu has a cute hat and no doll carrier.

Oh yeah, he has an outfit too. 😁
He likes it.

I haven’t forgotten about his vampire costume, I just put that on the back burner for now. I’ll probably wait until Halloween for that. I’m going to keep focusing on a carrier for now. Disneyland is closed, but we might get a chance to go to Downtown Disney to walk around, and I definitely want to have a hands free way to carry him. I can’t wait!

Crochet Baby Yoda Has Ears

I finished his ears and couldn’t wait to share. I’ve been walking around the house holding him like a baby.

It’s almost a shame I have to make him a little outfit. I kinda just want to make him a little diaper. His head wobbles a little because the head is heavier, but it’s perfect because it makes him feel MORE like a baby.

I worked his ears a little differently than past dolls I made. I used two strands of yarn for the green part and one for the pink part. That gave me three strands of yarn total, which made the ears stiffer.It also made the pink part smaller than the green part. I had to stretch it more to make it fit. This made it curl in a bit, which is what I wanted. These ears are stiffer than previous ears, but still flexible. I like it.

Even though I don’t want to dress him, I guess I better.

I started his outfit, and as happens sometimes, I chose a yarn ball I thought would last for the entire outfit. It didn’t. I got that yarn from a yard sale or something like that–many years ago–so I can’t get more. I had to rip it back and choose another, bigger ball. This time I picked something I can get more of. I never learn. 🤣

Another Crochet Baby Yoda

Is anyone surprised? I didn’t think so. I was so done with making Baby Yodas. In fact, I was so done, I gave my personal and large doll to one of my sisters so I wouldn’t have to make another one.

But then, a few months had passed, and my daughter asked if I was willing to make a little one for her friend who wanted to buy one. Her friend has a grandson that loves the Mandalorian, and she thought he would love it. How could I say no to that!

I had to borrow my daughter’s doll so I could copy it. I know, I know, it’s my own design but, I never remember what I did.
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Finished Funko Pop Crochet Doll

The doll is finished and delivered. It didn’t have far to go, just down the hall. But first, the doll demanded a photo shoot. Kinda reminded me of my husband. 😊

My hubby wanted his own Mini Me in his music persona. He creates music and wanted a doll he could photograph as a stand-in for himself. The doll has already started its photographic debut! My hubby took a picture of him and posted it on Instagram. I was surprised and delighted to see it one morning. I posted that pic last.

I started with the head…
Wasn’t sure I could do the body in Tunisian but I did it!
Just taking a stroll in the garden.
And here’s my hubby’s pic of him. I love it!

Funko Pop Crochet

Now that the crochet Rosalina birthday gift is finished, it’s on to the next birthday gift. My husband wants a Funko Pop inspired doll of him. He created an image of what he wanted, and I’m in the process of making it.

Pretty good!

I decided on using Tunisian crochet for this one because I want to give it a knitted look. I don’t knit, so I like to pretend sometimes… I also thought the Tunisian simple stitch would work well here.

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Crochet Rosalina From Super Mario Galaxy

I’ve been working on a challenging project for a little over a week now, and I finally finished. My son is into video games, and he liked the Sora doll I made for him as a Christmas gift. His birthday was only a few days away and he asked if it was possible for me to make another game character.

Could I! Of course I could! I love when my family challenges me with something they want out of crochet. What he wanted was a character named Rosalina. As usual, I didn’t know anything about that character, but he showed me illustrations as well as video from the game. I got a good sense of her.

At first, I thought…easy peasy. And for the most part, she was. But that hair! And the eyes! I normally like to use buttons for the eyes. I asked my son if he wanted me to try embroidering them as we could always fall back on buttons if I couldn’t do it. I watched some videos for inspiration, and I did my own thing anyway.

So far so good…
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EEK! What did I buy on Wish!

I’m human. I have weaknesses. Books (I have thousands), jewelry (which I hardly ever wear), figurines (which I finally stopped buying), hooks (which I have sort of stopped buying), and small scissors (because they’re so cute). I hate shopping in general so I don’t fall for many gimmicks. I tend to overthink every purchase. But then I discovered Wish, and my weaknesses got triggered.

My son recently told me he purchased some shirts on the site Wish for a decent price and I was curious about it. I had seen a YouTuber that had a post about Wish, and I checked that out. Granted, many things on the site turn out to be junk and not worth even the small amount you might spend. But still…  I dangerously went on the site to see for myself, and I couldn’t help myself. I bought something, something I didn’t need.

Weakness 1) Some of you may remember that I have a wee bit of a problem with crochet hooks. Not surprising, I’m sure. I absolutely and unequivocally don’t need more crochet hooks but… they had a set that I couldn’t resist.

Tunisian crochet hooks.png

Admittedly, I have plenty of tunisian crochet hooks but I don’t have any with the string. I don’t have any projects in mind at the moment but now I will be prepared for anything!