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Crocodile Stitch Cloak

Now that I am done with making all the dolls that were in my to do list, I was floundering around wondering what to make next, if anything. Instead, I decided to attack all the other little tasks I was supposed to do this summer and actually finished some of them! I can become obsessed with tasks sometimes and I ended up spending days organizing my photo files on my computer. And I do mean days. I was at my desk non stop for days! DAYS! Then I cleaned up my computer files in general. Then I went and organized my physical prints. I cleaned my office and craft room and reorganized that too.

Then I found myself back where I started. What to make :-). Working on the cape for the Anna crochet doll reminded me about the cloak I started and never finished about two years ago. The one I was going to wear to the Renaissance Fair two Renaissance Fairs ago LOL. I had lofty goals back then. I had just learned how to make the crocodile crochet stitch and fell in love with it. I wanted to make a mermaid skirt for Halloween and went searching for the perfect stitch that looked like scales. I made my skirt and then had the bright idea that a hooded cloak would look awesome with that stitch. I imagined a cloak that looked like I had killed a dragon and wore is at a cloak. Very nerdy but I was going to make it happen. I envisioned this shimmery, goldish, greenish cloak that wasn’t too hot (Ren Fair happens in the summer and it can get very hot!). I sadly didn’t have enough yarn in my stash that fit this description so that meant I would have to buy something. This would get pricey! Instead, I figured I should make a prototype before I went and spent all this money on something I didn’t know how to make. I didn’t want to run out of yarn in the middle of the project so I went with something I had a lot of that I didn’t mind using in the experiment. It was a gift from my sister and I’m not sure what kind of yarn it is but it seemed fancy and felt nice.

Cloak Crocodile_7

It’s pinkish in color (I suppose there could be a pink dragon somewhere) and I started the hood. I realized right away that I didn’t make the hood big enough or wide enough so I added a fringe in this Boucle yarn I had (bought with a coupon). It was a variegated white and blue. It reminded me of snow. I thought the two yarns looked good together. I had finished the hood right away back then and only did about two rows of the cape when I set it down.

Cloak Crocodile Cloak Crocodile_2

I’m not sure why my desire to finish it petered out. I think the task ahead seemed daunting and I just kept putting it off.

Well, the time for my cloak is now! I will finish this cloak and it will be ready for Ren Fair next May. It won’t be goldish and greenish and shimmery but it will be pink and snow blueish and whitish and it will be hot but it will be pretty 🙂 I have already finished a few more rows and am looking forward to meeting this new cloak and maybe it will inspire me to go out and find that perfect yarn for the second cloak 🙂