Mini Me Complete

Mini Me’s Adventures

Mini Me is finally complete and she was so much fun to make. And apparently she was fun to play with. It’s always a good sign when people want to play with or cuddle the dolls I make. I was visiting my sister while working on Mini Me. Her hair was finished and I was going to make her outfit. As usual, I told my sister that I brought my crochet stuff in case she bored me and I needed something to do (this is tongue-in-cheek, she never bores me 🙂 )Before her outfit was complete, my sister grabbed the doll and kept making cutsie faces at it (she would never admit this of course and would probably call me a liar). Then, she started braiding her hair.

72 Dpi Mini Me

My sister couldn’t help self. She just had to braid her hair.

72 Dpi Mini Me 2

She did a great job!

Worst of all, she kept giving me advice on her outfit. It should be this color not that color. The skirt should go like this and not like that. You get the idea. Since I consider myself a smart person, I listened. It’s a good thing I did because the outfit was a big hit.

72 dpi mini me 3

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