What Yochet is About

Yoli Blog about me_4 72dpiI’m Yolanda and I love crochet. I learned the mechanics of it as a nine-year-old from my mom. I’ve crocheted just about everything you can imagine, but right around the time my own daughter was a little girl, I started making crochet toys for her. Everything I’d made up to that point was always off the top of my head. I didn’t know what the stitches were called so I didn’t know how to read a pattern. I made her doll clothes, doll furniture, and one time, an ugly doll ‘thing’ made from scraps. The yarn colors were a hideous dark green and pink. I wish I had a picture of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Needless to say, she loved it, although I could never figure out why. I was surprised to find out she still had it as an adult.

Over the years, I had the habit of crocheting projects for a few weeks or months and then quittingย for years. When I was making my daughter her things, the phase lasted a little longer than that, but Iย did, eventually fall into old habits.

Eventually, I decided it was high time I learned how to read patterns and actually learn the names of the stitches I was using. I saw a beautiful doll I wanted make. I became obsessed with learning how to make her, and so I had to learn more about crochet. The web and books became my best friends. I realized that I loved making dolls. My first attempts, although better than that first doll (anything would have been better than that first doll!), weren’t quite what I wanted. Over time, I learned some things that gave me the results I wanted. This blog is my attempt at sharing my continuing journey in crochet, the things learned and the things yet to discover. It will be doll heavy since I love making them but it will also include other projects that happen along the way. I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me ๐Ÿ™‚


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