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Simple Succulent Garden Joys

One of the things that brings me joy when I’m feeling cooped up is going on a stroll through my backyard garden. I enjoy taking note of which plants survived and which ones just couldn’t hack it. My plants are the survivors of my black thumb, and I look at them with pride (and that I didn’t manage to kill them). At this point, the ones still standing aren’t going anywhere. They’ve made it! Aside from bringing me joy, they also serve as fabulous backdrops to pictures of my crochet dolls.

I wrote a post about how my friend noticed I had just one type of plant in my backyard and how she thought it was funny. My response was that that was the only plant I could keep alive! It thrived on my neglect and so that’s all I had. Embarrassed by my lack of variety,  I embraced a journey of discovery and experimentation. I endeavoured to find other plants with the same resilience. After all, if there was one that could survive me, there must be others. And indeed there was! And now I have an abundance of lovely succulents that I truly believe love me because they had the fortitude to survive. 🙂

So while I’m in isolation, I have the fruits of my labor to enjoy. It rained back in April (my plants wouldn’t make it without the occasional rain), and I went on a photo safari to capture the plants in all their plump, rainy-day glory. I was inspired by a fellow blogger who went through a stroll in her garden to lift her spirits.

So here are some of my plants that not only survived, but continue to thrive:



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Another Creepy Crochet Doll

I was inspired by my daughter’s creepy crochet doll to make one at work. I had some yarn I wanted to use up and I thought some of the kids would like it. I got the expected responses ranging from creepy to cute. My goal is always to get creepy AND cute. Based on the responses, I succeeded. As always, the kids helped me finish her by suggesting (insisting) what colors to use for the hair and outfit. As you can see, they wanted all kinds of hair color! They picked the eyes out as well, albeit with a little help from me.

Since we had to close down the program so abruptly, I didn’t get a chance to finish the doll at work, but I brought all my materials home and was able to finish it here. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to put her in the prize-box soon.

And here she is!

WA Crochet Creepy Doll 3.JPG

WA Crochet Creepy Doll 2.JPG

WA Crochet Creepy Doll.JPG

What do you think? Did I succeed at creepy AND cute?

Life-size Crochet Doll Pranks

After our school shut down due to the coronavirus and we had to close down our after-school program, I brought home the large doll I crocheted for the kids. I didn’t want to leave her there all alone. My hubby always complains that when she’s in the house, she scares him when he least expects it. This was no exception.

I had her on the couch–and predictably–she spooked him a few times. Success!

Large doll on couch.JPG

Poor thing looked pooped after playing with school kids for a few years!

I decided to be a good sport and move her…into his office…when he wasn’t looking. Obviously I was trying to spook him. But to my chagrin, he didn’t even notice her. She was propped up in his armchair right next to his computer! It’s the first thing you see when you walk into his office! Needless to say, after he didn’t notice her for awhile, I pointed her out while he was sitting at his desk–two feet from his head. 😂

We decided that that would be her new home…until I walked into my office–and didn’t notice her either. I basically walked right past her to get to my desk and didn’t see her. But when I turned around…Bam! She spooked me!

Large doll desk


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