Crochet can make you cry…

Crochet Jeffy puppet

I think I just had the sweetest moment in my teaching career this last Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many sweet moments with the kids at work, but never from such an unexpected source, in such an unexpected way. Those two 5th grade boys (the advocate and the recipient of Jeffy the Puppet) made me cry today. Not the kind of crying where I want to beat my head in frustration, but the kind brought on by a sweet surprise.

In our program, we have Friday movie day with popcorn and a treat. Since we have no homework on Friday, I allow the kids to share anything they like before the movie. This particular Friday was no different.

The kids sometimes share the things I make for them, but not that often. When they do, they mostly say something along the lines of, “Look what Mrs. Sherman made for me,” and maybe say a little about why they like it. It’s always nice when they do because it means they really love what I made and want the others to know about it.

Crochet jeffy puppet 2

I finally got hands. Now I need help raising my hand!

The two boys had the puppet and were raising it’s hand (yes, the puppet was raising his hand) when I called to see who had something to share. When I finally called on them (I admit I sometimes wait because I expect shenanigans and I was fully expecting shenanigans!), the advocate for his friend walked to the front with the puppet. This boy is a bit of a showman and usually clowns around when called (and also, all the time).

He went up and I asked why he was doing the sharing instead of his friend (the actual owner of the puppet). He said his friend wanted him to do the sharing. I let it pass. After all, if it weren’t for him convincing me to make it for his friend, there would be no puppet. I figured he had earned his right do the sharing.

So when Jeffy raised his hand, I was a little glad they wanted to share him (if a little afraid of what the sharing would look like). Right off the bat,  my 5th grader had the kids laughing. He modified his voice and was pretending the puppet was talking. I was a bit worried but skits are allowed so there was no need to intervene just yet. So he (Jeffy) starts talking about how I made the puppet for the other student. Then, he started saying how wonderful I was for having agreed to make the puppet (he threw in how he convinced me to make it). He then talked about how special it was and what a great job I did. That took a turn I didn’t expect. He said his friend loved it and he said a few other nice things about me and the puppet. The topper was his finishing remark that he and his friend think this is the best thing I’ve ever made. Ever! He said all this with a big, genuine small on his face and the owner was sitting at his desk with a big smile on his face, nodding his head in agreement.

crochet jeffy puppet 3

It was the fingers. I think they were very happy when I added fingers.

Wow! I wasn’t expecting that from those two. It was more likely I’d have to ask him to behave while sharing than to hear such sweet things come out of his mouth. Ok, I still had to ask him to behave while still being floored by what he was saying. What a lovely endorsement! That they let me know in such a public way, in front of their peers, well, I was left speechless. I was moved and it makes what I do that much more rewarding.


10 thoughts on “Crochet can make you cry…

  1. Bravo!! How awesome is that! I tell you, I don’t care how many messy bun hats someone can sell on Etsy – a compliment like the one you received is priceless and exactly why I crochet, hoping that I will get that reaction from someone some day!!! Personally I think the full size doll is the greatest crocheted object I’ve ever seen – ever – but Jeffy is up there too!!! 😀

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  2. It’s those moments with a child that are the greatest reward for your time and effort. Both of the boys will remember you for a very long time as I am sure you will them. Great job Yolanda.
    When my children were that age I taught them to cross stitch and embroidery and they loved doing their own pillowcases. Then I taught them crochet. Funny thing is my Navy boy embroidered pillowcases for his own son and just this past winter taught him how to embroider his own. My oldest son never kept up with it. My daughters grew to love the sewing machine more than the handiwork.

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    • That’s fantastic your kids learned those crafts. My son likes for me to make him things on occasion but never wanted to learn. My daughter had me make her lots of things but never wanted to learn. But she draws and sculpts and has her own thing, which I love too. It’s ok if they leave the crochet to me. 😀

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  3. Wow, Nolanda…that was a sweet story. I am absolutely sure that those boys will always remember you and tell stories of Ms. Sherman, the crochet lady who taught them so much with love.

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