Crochet Jeffy the Puppet Request

gold crochet crown

What have I gotten myself into? The kids’ memories have deep roots! Their memories are lousy for most things but then, one of them will remember that last year I made so and so such and such and why can’t I do it this year too? I’m blabbering so let me explain.

Today, I got unexpected pleas to make crochet items. The kids are always requesting things, and this year, I’ve moved away from making crocheted items for individuals because it was hard to keep up with demand. This year, I made things at my leisure and threw them in our prize box. I got good at saying no, sorry, can’t do it. Eventually, the requests started to taper off. I thought, “Good, they’re starting to forget.” Every now and then, one of them will remember we had a year where I made them all crowns when they made it to king or queen (an incentive on our star chart where they are the king or queen for the day and they get to pick our treat and what movie we watch on Friday). But that was several years back and I was counting on them forgetting, which they mostly did. I would happily make the crown for those that did remember because they were few and far between.

Well today, those memory roots were in full effect. In the middle of the most chaotic time of our day, when I’m checking kids in while answering a million questions about homework and snack and blah blah blah, two fifth grade boys came up to me out of the blue and asked me if I could make a puppet. Huh?! Like a crochet puppet? Yes, that’s what they meant. Of course I could. “Why?” I asked. Turns out, one of them made it to prize box. Not the new ultimate prize box but the first prize box. He asked if I could make him a puppet instead of getting something out of the prize box. I said I didn’t make things for prize box and the other one with his perfectly working memory said, “But you made something for me last year,” in that whining, half pleading voice kids get.

Sure, sure, but I didn’t do that anymore. That was last year. I couldn’t keep up with demand. Now I would only do that for the ultimate prize box. The advocate kept trying to change my mind and reminded me that his friend never got anything made by me and beg beg beg. He kept on about how he’s a fifth grader and leaving our school this year. I could make it as a gift for him. I kept firm. I had already made the 5th graders a gift that they would get closer to the end f of the year so he would get that gift then. They weren’t happy about it but they went and picked out something from the prize box.

Remorse Sets In

I felt bad. He never got anything made from me? He is a 5th grader as they so eloquently stressed and he wouldn’t get the chance to get something from me again (aside from the little graduation hat I had made for them). It was churning in my head and you know what happened. I caved! It’s a puppet after all. How hard could it be? I called the one who wanted the puppet over and told him I would make it but he wasn’t to go announcing it. Of course he announced it immediately but I hushed him conspiratorially before things got out of hand. I had him tell me what he wanted and he said it was Jeffy the Puppet. Huh? I looked this up and I regretted agreeing to this. Look at this guy below! Not such an easy puppet after all! And he has a pencil shoved up his nose! Plus, when I looked at it work on my phone, I wasn’t wearing my glasses and didn’t get a really clear picture. He quickly said I didn’t have to do the pencil or the diaper. Diaper? I didn’t notice the diaper on my small phone. Ugh! I’m committed now but no diaper! Now I have to try to simplify this but still make it look like the character.


Another Request

Later in the day, two of my upcoming queens wanted crochet crowns. No problem. I caould handle that. The crowns aren’t that hard. They skipped away and picked their colors from the yarn box. It slowly dawned on me that I had just agreed to make three projects close to the end of the school year! I started to get a little nervous. Could I make that puppet thing and two crowns before the end of the year? I realized I would have to make something at home. I think I can do the crowns at work but the puppet will have be done at home if he’s to have a chance at creation.

I’ll post about how the puppet turns out on a future post. I’ll post about the little crochet graduation hats too. 🙂


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