Freebie Friday – Finger Knitting

I’m notorious for telling the kids that if they want to learn something, they need to keep trying, even when it seems super hard. It will get easier.

I’m not a knitter. I wanted to learn, though. I tried, got frustrated, tried again, failed again, and vowed to become the best crocheter ever! Nope, I didn’t follow my own advice. I gave up. The irony wasn’t lost on me. I guess I didn’t want to learn that strongly or I would have followed my own advice. But a good thing came of my failed attempt and that was a deeper love of crochet and a desire to keep honing that craft. Thanks failed knitting attempt!

Then I stumbled upon this video tutorial on how to finger knit. Finally, knitting I can do! It’s also something I can teach the kids. This is the kind of project I think they can all do. I might save it for the next school year but I definitely want to introduce it to them.

In the meantime, I did introduce it to one of my Kinder girls and she got so excited because she learned how to do it all by herself. When it was time to go home, she didn’t want to put it down. I didn’t have the heart to force her to stop so I let her take the ball of yarn home so she could keep working on it.  She wanted to make a scarf. I can’t wait to see it and share in a future post highlighting student work.

But just because I think it would be great for kids doesn’t mean it wouldn’t also be great for adults. Have a go at it and see what you think.

Photo and video courtesy of the web. 

10 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Finger Knitting

  1. I had the same experience and thought process with knitting. Let me say, you are a darn good crocheter! Have you ever tried a knitting loom? It is similar to finger knitting, but you can pull off tinier stitches.

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    • I have tried looms! I had way more success with looming. I understood the mechanics of knitting and could do about 10 to 15 rows and then it I always lost it. It would fall apart. I’d mess up and couldn’t fix it. That’s when I truly appreciated crochet. You don’t just drop a stitch and it ruins everything! You can mess up and have to frog back but not just because you drop a stitch. I went running back to crochet. Nothing against knitters! My attempts also gave me a new found respect for knitters. LOL

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  2. Oh I love this! Could make an interesting necklace this way too! That’s what I’d like to do 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the Kinder girl does with hers. She is very good at it!

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  3. This looks fun and she makes it look way too easy – I have also had super-fail knitting experiences, so I’m not convinced that it really is as easy as it looks. I would probably need to go to the emergency room to get the tangled ball of yarn off of my hands. 😀

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