My Top Five Favorite Posts

In honor of my three year blogaversay, I want to share my five favorite posts of all time. It was fun going down memory lane, getting reacquainted with posts I had completely forgotten about and was happy to rediscover.

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And my five favorite posts are…

Number 5: Success!


This post was all about my sis-in-law reading the book I wrote on doll making (that has yet to get laid out or self published!) and making this great doll following my instructions. I was so happy and tickled with her doll.

Number 4: My Three Sweater/Coats


Still plugging this one up but here it is in its pre-purple plug state.


This one went to my sister.

Bavarian coat_5

I still have this one but I’m thinking of adding buttons and pockets.

I  made three sweater/coats and I don’t know if I’ll ever make another but I was very proud of them. I only meant to make one and then I got carried away. In the end, my favorite was the first one but I learned something from all of them.

Number 3: Mini Me

Minie Me in garden

Mini Me was made in my image and I loved her from the start. Since her creation, she has served as my stand-in on multiple posts. I love her! Does that sound narcissistic? It does, that sounds narcissistic…

Number 2: A Nudge From Mom

square blanket swatch

As I was looking through my posts, I hadn’t realized I’d done quite a bit about my mom. She was an amazing crafter and taught me to crochet so it’s natural she became part of my narrative. Then, I saw the one where I felt she was giving me a nudge from the great beyond and it made me laugh all over again. This is definitely one of my favorite posts.

Number 1 Favorite Post: Life-Size Crochet Doll

Life size crochet doll

As the kids call her, here is the Mrs. Sherman doll.

This one topped the list. This was easily one of my most ambitious projects ever and I wasn’t sure I would finish it. It was also a project that involved so many stories with the kids at work. It was entertaining from the very beginning. It wasn’t necessarily meant to be another doll based on me but that’s what it morphed into. You could say she was Mini Me 2.0 but I didn’t feel the same connection as I did with the original Mini Me, but I loved her just the same.

It is one of THEE most played with dolls I’ve ever made. Some of the new kids don’t even know I made her but they all play with her everyday. To be honest, I’m surprised she’s lasted this long. My students aren’t exactly gentle. So yeah, she was my favorite to write about and my favorite creation.

Honorable Mentions

There were some posts I just couldn’t leave out. I’ll be quick though.

I’d love to hear about your favorite post or project of all time. Let me know in the comments.


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