Life-size Crochet Doll Update

I think I mentioned that the kiddos are playing with the life-size doll a lot more this year, which means she’s getting really beat up. I don’t mind though. They seem to be really enjoying playing with her and that’s what I was hoping for.

However, her little shorts kept falling off whenever they dragged her (and I do mean dragged) from one place to another. As they were pulling her from her hair, caveman style, her shorts would go down. While they’re whipping her hair all around, she’d be losing her shorts. Enough was enough. I had to give her a little dignity. I worked up some shorts that would never fall off again. I found some yarn in our drawer and got to work. When done, I sewed them to her body. Those shorts aren’t going anywhere!

Life-size doll

Do you like my new shorts? And where’d my glasses go?!

At one point or another, they all play with her.

Life size crochet doll

Someone save me!

But…there is one little Kinder who has really gotten attached to her. She is either playing with her or making sure she is sitting somewhere with her table in front of her (a chair) and a tray of (pretend) food at her disposal.

feeding doll.jpg

Are you hungry? Eat some more anyway.

Lifesize doll with wa doll_1.jpg

She’s never without some food around.

Another I thing I’ve noticed is that she always has her side kick now. It’s been decided (mainly by the savvy Kinders) that I am the mom of the big one and she is the mom of the little one. But the big doll is also me, apparently. It all gets very confusing but to them it makes perfect sense.

Lifesize crochet doll with

Where’s my food?!!! At least I have my sidekick.

And the glasses…these have become a part of her outfit, courtesy of her new best friend.

I’m a little worried they are going to rip an arm or a leg off one of these days.

crochet life size doll

I’m ok, I’m just a little tired.

She may even lose her head, but she’s held up pretty well considering how much playtime she’s getting. I’m just waiting in the wings with my emergency medical kit full of yarn and embroidery needles for when I’m needed, and I’m sure I will be needed…




10 thoughts on “Life-size Crochet Doll Update

  1. An arm or leg coming off will be a perfect opportunity for them to play drs and nurses with her. Make sure you have some bandages around for them to have some amazing role play before you as the surgeon join in and stitch her up again!

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  2. I love how much they love her!!! And those shorts are too cute! It must make you so happy to see them playing with her (even when you’re cringing because they’re playing rough). If I had a doll like this when I was 5 years old she would have been my best friend!! 😀

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