Life-size Crochet Doll Pranks

After our school shut down due to the coronavirus and we had to close down our after-school program, I brought home the large doll I crocheted for the kids. I didn’t want to leave her there all alone. My hubby always complains that when she’s in the house, she scares him when he least expects it. This was no exception.

I had her on the couch–and predictably–she spooked him a few times. Success!

Large doll on couch.JPG

Poor thing looked pooped after playing with school kids for a few years!

I decided to be a good sport and move her…into his office…when he wasn’t looking. Obviously I was trying to spook him. But to my chagrin, he didn’t even notice her. She was propped up in his armchair right next to his computer! It’s the first thing you see when you walk into his office! Needless to say, after he didn’t notice her for awhile, I pointed her out while he was sitting at his desk–two feet from his head. 😂

We decided that that would be her new home…until I walked into my office–and didn’t notice her either. I basically walked right past her to get to my desk and didn’t see her. But when I turned around…Bam! She spooked me!

Large doll desk


In my defense, it was midnight and I was focused on applying for unemployment. The system crashed during the day so I opted to try at a godawful hour so I’d have a better chance at success. No such luck. Apparently, they have hours you can apply online (what?!) and they didn’t start till 2 am (double what?!).

Large crochet doll desk.JPG

You can see she too was stressed out trying to file for unemployment on a buggy site.

After my doll spooked me, I went back to bed. I went to sleep and woke up at 3 am (you read that right–3 am!) so I tried the unemployment system again. I was grateful I was finally able to get through the whole process with no glitches.

When I was done with all that at 4 in the morning, I said goodnight to the doll. In the morning (later morning), I found her a permanent spot.Large crochet doll baby yoda.JPG

Much better

Large doll office.JPG

Doggie wanted to be in the picture too!

She’s much happier now and can greet me when I walk into my office…no spooking involved.

large doll Baby Yoda

I don’t know why people are so scared!

So to recap:

She scared hubby, so I moved her into his office (so I could scare him)…where he didn’t notice her–even though she was very obvious–and I had to point her out. He tried to scare me by moving her into my office where I didn’t notice her…at first. But she did manage to scare me.

She gets moved to a permanent location where she scares nobody.

Applying for unemployment during the apocalypse SUCKS.

Stay sane everyone!

If you’d like to take a stroll down memory lane on the birth and shenanigans of the life-size doll, check out the links. I didn’t remember I had done so many posts on her! I tried to put these in order as best I could. I hope you enjoy seeing her development. 😀

It started as a joke…

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11 thoughts on “Life-size Crochet Doll Pranks

  1. Great fun, she is, you do have to give her a name really. She is obviously happier in that permanent place now, she didn’t seem so happy in the office. 🙂 these times are hard and good you got your claim sorted even at such a inhumanely time. Take good care, eventually it will all start up again and she can join school again. Be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh she has a name. The kids call her Mrs. Sherman, or she’s referred to as the Ms. Sherman doll. The staff calls her that too! Half the time I don’t know if the kids are calling me or playing with the doll! 😂And thank you for your kind words. 😘Hopefully there won’t be anymore hiccups with the unemployment claim. Be safe as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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