New Sleeves for Crochet Bavarian Coat

I know I was supposed to set the unfinished coat aside and contemplate its sleeves at a later time with a clearer head. I was to use that time on other things and come back to it with all kinds of ideas and possibilities. That lasted 24 hours.

Bavarian sweater sleeve

I’m trying out star stitches and I’m working both sides simultaneously so I can see the progress and so that I don’t forget what I did from one sleeve to the next. I know, I know, I should be writing it down and I tried. But I’ve written things down before, only to go do the second of whatever I was making and it didn’t turn out the same. I know I wrote it down right! Sooo, I reasoned that if I do them at the same time, there’s more chance of success. I can try on as I go and if it’s not working, I can rip it back before I get too far.

I think I finally found the solution I like. They look good to me so far. Hopefully they will look good all the way to the end.




7 thoughts on “New Sleeves for Crochet Bavarian Coat

  1. Good plan doing the sleeves at the same time. I think the star stitch is working nicely. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the sleeves work with the sweater AND that they match each other! LOL 😀

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    • I’m glad I’m doing it this way because even though I’m doing the same thing on each sleeve, one round had 28 star stitches and its counterpart had 30! How did that happen? I kept going back to check it and things counted out right in the previous round and I still kept getting the wrong amount of star stitches. I finally made them match by trickery. Lol. But I’m glad I did it this way because i catch things quicker. And I’m liking the drape better already. 🙂

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