Crochet Fail – Bavarian Sweater/Coat

I normally have no qualms about ripping back work when it isn’t right, but this time, this time, I have a lot of qualms about it. I had set aside my Bavarian square sweater in lieu of other projects. Why? Because it got hot! Who needs a thick and cozy sweater when it’s bloody hot outside! Plus, I couldn’t figure out what to do with the sleeves, so it was easily abandoned.

All my other projects are complete and there aren’t any crochet fires I need to put out, sooo… I picked up the sweater and continued work on the sleeves. One of the problems of working off-the-seat-of-your-pants, on-the-fly, make-up-as-you-go type of creation, is that you don’t always get what you envision in your mind (or is it only me?). I’ve been working the sleeves separately from the main coat in Tunisian Crochet. I ran out of black awhile back and was too busy (lazy) to go buy more. PLUS, I had so much of the grey yarn I’d already used on the sweater (and spent good money on already), I thought it would be good enough. The panels themselves I like. Once I finished them (after trying out different solutions), I sewed one of the sleeves onto the sweater last night and tried it on to see my handy work. Yuck! I didn’t like it.

Tunisian crochet sleeve

Doesn’t look so bad here, but trust me, it’s no good! 

First of all, the sleeve didn’t drape right. I  was still going to make a few rounds of half double crochet with deeper decreases for the cuffs, but after trying it on and not liking the drape, I didn’t proceed with that. No matter how much I tugged and pulled on it, it still looked bad. The problem was that I needed more decreases further up on the sleeves. The sleeves were too big. Second of all, the color just didn’t work. I kept squinting and looking at it from different angles, but I couldn’t make myself like it. Fail!

The only good thing was that I only attached one sleeve. Now I needed to take the sleeve off and rip back both sleeves. That’s when the qualms hit me. I didn’t want to rip back all that work! I don’t usually struggle so much with frogging my work. I’ve ripped back entire queen-size blankets. But I just couldn’t do it. In the grand scheme of things, they are tiny panels that no one would miss (except me apparently).

Tunisian Crochet panel

I suppose it could be a skirt or top instead.

And yet…

Instead, I played with the unattached sleeve (I hadn’t removed the other one yet). I held it up to my chest to see if I could turn it into a top of some sort. I held it like a skirt. Hmmm… nope. Maybe.

I’m trying real hard to turn those panels into something else so I don’t feel like I wasted my time. I’ll probably just set the panels aside and think about them later. That way I’ll have some distance from all the work and I won’t be so torn about undoing them. In the meantime, I’ll start some new sleeves. This time, I’ll might start them straight on the arm holes, in black. I have black now. I probably should just make more granny squares for the sleeves. I was resistant to do that because the coat is already so dense. I thought it would be granny square overload. Maybe I’m over-thinking this. I’m most definitely over-thinking this.

I have until next winter to decide…😀



12 thoughts on “Crochet Fail – Bavarian Sweater/Coat

  1. The panels would make an amazing new skirt to go with the fantastic Bavarian Sweater Vest!!! 😀 I have almost an entire wardrobe of crochet fails that I just said ‘meh I’ll just wear it around the house. I think a little break from it will be best for you and your almost Bavarian Sweater. On the bright side – no wips or crochet fires means you can start up a new project or two!!! By the way – I had a good laugh over the “crochet fires” – I’m a crochet arsonist so yeah it’s funny!!! 😀

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  2. Sometimes when I am following a pattern the end result is not what I envisioned either. (headbang) I’ve found when I walk away from something and then come back to I see it differently.
    Looking at the picture, I was curious why you didn’t make the arms with similar squares but then my brain started bouncing questions off about tapering with squares versus straight rows..
    I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to make it work. Good luck.

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  3. To frog or not to frog! It’s a tough one. I hear you about drape: it’s one of the least predictable things to work with, I’m finding, unless we’re doing huge swatches. 🙂 Could the sleeves make a bag/purse/tote/computer cozy (or several)? I share your feelings about not wanting to frog; the work is so lovely. 🙂

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  4. Oh how I love reading your post, especially when things don’t come out as you had expected…you ponder so many funny options—and then your magnificent brain comes up with the right solutions. I love it =) Keep it up!

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