Crochet Mermaid Puppet

Deviation from the plan

I went ahead and kept working on the mermaid puppet when I should have been finishing up my lessons from my certification course. I was rewarded with an ugly puppet. She was turning out so hideous! I didn’t like her. I made a few faux pas along the way that translated into a not so pretty crochet mermaid puppet. I set sail on the wrong course and kept going down the wrong channel.

crochet mermaid puppet.jpg

Why you keep calling me ugly?!

What had happened was…

Let me start by saying my intentions were good. I had good ideas. It was the implementation that went bad. I should have ripped back when I started seeing it go wrong but I kept going, hoping it would get better. It didn’t. It just kept getting worse. When I was done with the actual puppet part, I thought adding eyes would make her look better. It didn’t. Then I thought the hair would help but doing the hair turned into a disaster in and of itself.

The hair!

crochet mermaid puppet_1.jpg

Not so bad once I figured out how to attach it.

crochet mermaid puppet_2.jpg

I ultimately liked the look of it but I struggled with it for a few hours. I was determined to use this purple yarn made of loops I bought at a thrift store. It was super cheap, like $0.25 a skien cheap. It looked like I could use it for doll hair or maybe doll clothes. I quickly learned after I bought it that I couldn’t crochet with it at all because I couldn’t pull any of those loops through. I decided it would only serve as doll hair. Well, that proved to be a challenge as well because the loops prevent it from being pulled through the head of the doll!

But again, I was determined to use it this time because it’s such a pretty purple. There had to be a way to attach it. I tried sewing it on and that didn’t work. I ended up taking a middle loop and pulling that through the top of the head and pulling the hanging strands through that. This succeeded in stretching the loop! I didn’t want that. But it’s all I had so I went with it, reasoning I could fix it later.

The other terrible thing about that yarn is that when you cut it, it’s very easy for the loops to unravel! What’s the point of having such a cute loopy design in the yarn if it falls apart when you cut it? I just tried to be very careful not to pull on it, which is almost impossible but there you go. So I did the best I could with that yarn and fiddled with it and finally got a look I could live with on the puppet.

On the plus side, I was forced to think up ways of actually using that yarn. I have a bunch of it since, you know, it was super cheap. I can pull the loops out and re-wind it and just have a chunky, purple yarn. Yes, it unravels that easily. If I’m careful, I can do it. I can also still use it as is for hair by crocheting around it when I’m at the head part of the doll. Haven’t tried it but I think that might work. One way or another, I’m using up this yarn!


It wasn’t all a lost cause, though. There is a saving grace. I learned a few things along the way, like not making the section from her neck to her mouth so long. This inadvertently made her look like a fish. I guess that can be considered a good thing in this case since she is half fish. I just didn’t mean to make her look like an ugly fish. I made the neck area too narrow so that needs to be widened a bit. I messed up on the mouth so I need to work on that a little. I have newer ideas about her fin, too. I did like the design of her fin but I have other fin ideas.

By the time I finished her up completely, I didn’t hate her so much. She’s passable. The hair made a huge difference. So this one wasn’t exactly what I hoped for but it’s bringing me one step closer to what I do hope for. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I promise I will now dedicate myself to my lessons (and not sneak off to work on my Bavarian sweater).

crochet mermaid puppet_3

In the right light, she can look pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚




17 thoughts on “Crochet Mermaid Puppet

  1. LOL we are crochet twins Yolanda. I wrote my “know something is off” post before I read this one!! I think you’re being a little too critical of this lovely little mermaid. I think she’s beautiful!! I would have done exactly the same thing as you with the yarn – bought every available 25 cent skein and figure out what to do with it later. I think that I actually have a bunch of Sashay yarn around her somewhere that I never could figure out how to use it! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I think she’s beautiful especially her loopy blue hair. It gave her personality to me. Awesome job, Yolanda, the process may have been frustrating but you overcame and the result is awesome.

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