Simple Succulent Garden Joys

One of the things that brings me joy when I’m feeling cooped up is going on a stroll through my backyard garden. I enjoy taking note of which plants survived and which ones just couldn’t hack it. My plants are the survivors of my black thumb, and I look at them with pride (and that I didn’t manage to kill them). At this point, the ones still standing aren’t going anywhere. They’ve made it! Aside from bringing me joy, they also serve as fabulous backdrops to pictures of my crochet dolls.

I wrote a post about how my friend noticed I had just one type of plant in my backyard and how she thought it was funny. My response was that that was the only plant I could keep alive! It thrived on my neglect and so that’s all I had. Embarrassed by my lack of variety,  I embraced a journey of discovery and experimentation. I endeavoured to find other plants with the same resilience. After all, if there was one that could survive me, there must be others. And indeed there was! And now I have an abundance of lovely succulents that I truly believe love me because they had the fortitude to survive. 🙂

So while I’m in isolation, I have the fruits of my labor to enjoy. It rained back in April (my plants wouldn’t make it without the occasional rain), and I went on a photo safari to capture the plants in all their plump, rainy-day glory. I was inspired by a fellow blogger who went through a stroll in her garden to lift her spirits.

So here are some of my plants that not only survived, but continue to thrive:










rainy day succulents_2


rainy day succulents_1


rainy day succulents

I hope you can find beauty in your own backyard. 😘



14 thoughts on “Simple Succulent Garden Joys

  1. They look so good! I’m so bummed…the black/dark one you gave me was growing beautifully and a rabbit broke it😤 I replanted so let’s see what happens!

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    • There had to be a penalty for feeding your wildlife. Lol. I find that that particular plant is hard to propagate but easy to care for once it gets going. Hopefully it will take root for you again. If not, I’ll give you one that’s got roots.


  2. They look absolutely gorgeous, even better with the raindrops on. I love succulents and would like more too. I do think they won’t survive outside in Winter here in the UK though. You have such a wonderful variety. You are doing really well with them. Doesn’t it cheer you up when you see the growth? I love seeing this. I go in my garden every day to check on my babies. I’m honoured and happy you got some inspiration from my post. Thank you. Keep going and enjoy the little things around you. Distant hugs ♥

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    • Thank you so much! I can never have too many succulents, although my husband would disagree. 😂 Even here in Southern California, I did have a few that didn’t survive the winters. Those just weren’t meant for my garden. It really does cheer me up to see the growth! It felt like an adventure finding the hardiest plants that could basically survive anything (and by anything I mean me) but still look pretty. I don’t check on mine everyday, but when I do, I get a little thrill they’re still growing.
      I love your positive spirit in your posts. Many distant hugs to you too! Xoxoxo🌵🌷🌹🌺🌻🌼🌸

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  3. These are lovely succulents. You have successfully worked with your environment. My brother-in-law, who lives in Oakland, grows them in old boots. I tried that here in the mid-west. The boots got moldy and the squirrels ate the plants.

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    • Thank you! 😊 I have a hard time keeping most plants alive! A coworker introduced me to succulents. She is a succulent queen and I’m not worthy but she shared cuttings and knowledge (which I mostly ignored) and I was able to finally grow things! You’re absolutely right about working with the environment. That’s what saved me.
      I had to laugh about your moldy boots and hungry squirrels, although I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you at the time. We have squirrels too but my daughter’s dog keeps them mostly out of our yard. However, I have to deal with a very energetic dog that chases lizards manically and destroys my plants in the process! I got mad at her at first but she’s careful with the plants otherwise, so I know she’s not trying to be destructive. She loves being outside with me when I’m gardening. She’ll tip toe around my plants. So instead of getting mad, I go back to: if the plants can’t survive my ministrations OR THE DOG’S, they weren’t strong enough for my garden. 😂

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  4. Looking good! We’ll have to get together again and chat in my backyard (distantly, of course)! I’ve gotten some new plants and pots online and for Mother’s Day!

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