Craft Fair is Coming!

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-10-49-44-amI was inspired by a fellow blogger to start thinking about the yearly craft fair that happens at the school where I work. I’ve done the craft fair on and off since it’s inception way back when my son went to school there (he is now a big senior in high school). I’ve had various successes and failures and every year, I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not. When I do decide to do it, it’s always at the last second and then I start crocheting furiously trying to make sure I have enough things to show. It’s a hodge podge and there’s no consistency. I have a little bit of everything. I guess that’s not true. The consistency is that it’s all fun things kids would enjoy. Toys, dolls, purses and cases. I have had hats and beanies but they are always kid friendly.

This year, I’ve started my old tricks. I had decided I wouldn’t do the fair this year and then changed my mind a dozen times. But have I started any projects for the fair? Noooo, I have not. So then I read Brenna’s post about a craft fair she’s doing at her daughter’s school. It inspired me to think about the impending craft fair at our school more seriously. I should start making things NOW, even if I don’t do the fair. It’s better to be ready and not need it than to need and not be ready. So in that spirit, it’s time to seriously think about the things I should make.

Let’s start with the successes of the past. Emoji’s were ‘in’ big time. I sold all my emoji keychains. I need more of those. The Pokeballs all sold as well. Not sure if they are as big this year but I should probably make a few. Maybe I should put a twist on that and make the balls in different themes. I think some phone-cases and purses in the school’s colors would be a good idea. Little purses, like for Barbie dolls, would be good. I sold a few of those last time for a buck. They are fun and quick to make and the kids can afford them easily. Yeah, definitely need to make those.

I think this would be a good time to roll out the puppets. I should make puppets. I just need to think about what I want them to look like. I’m thinking I should have some quick and easy one’s and just a few more expensive and elaborate ones.

I don’t usually do holiday themed items. Mainly because I don’t think about it but maybe I should include that too. The idea here is quick, easy, and fun items that will still manage to grab the kids (and their parent’s) attention.

Sounds like I better get cracking!

Previous Craft fairs


2009 It was the first year the school did it and I participated.


Boy! My mermaids were pretty funny looking!


This first year I had a lot of beanies and scarves.

craft faire dec 2010_19.jpg

2010 I had more dolls. Too bad I didn’t get a better picture of them. I got a good pic of my kids, though. 🙂


craft fair 2012.jpg

2012 This was starting to look more like me.

craft fair 2014.jpg

2014 Now I was finding my stride!


2016 My best year to date. Some of the same items from previous years finally sold!

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