Turkeys Everywhere!

I don’t know why I like to make more work for myself. It was supposed to be an easy project with materials being easy to acquire. We were making turkeys out of cups. I wanted the kids to make cute little table decorations for our yearly Thanksgiving feast. Right before we go on our Thanksgiving break, we replace one of our snack times with a feast. Parents donate turkey (slices) and bread (Hawaiian rolls), fruits and vegetables, chips and juice and some pumpkin pie. We decorate the tables and watch a holiday movie while we eat our bounty.

I decided on simple turkeys for the tables.

Turkey craft.png

Cute, right?

It was NOT a mandatory project so I thought only about 8 students (the usual suspects) would make the project. I tried to gather my supplies and discovered how hard it is to find a bag of brown pom poms. I could only find them in expensive bags of mixed colors. I would have to buy way more pom poms than I needed just to pull out a few brown ones. I also wanted brown tempura paint to paint the cups. I couldn’t find any! At least not at the lengths I was willing to go through to find it. Brown cups would have been ideal but I couldn’t find those either!

Brown construction paper would have to do. The kids could cut it and paste it on the cups. As for the pom poms, I just couldn’t justify the expense just to get the brown ones. I had brown yarn and decided I would just make the pom poms myself. I would make about 10 of them and if more students joined, I would make them as they were working on gluing the paper to the cups. Guess how many wanted to make the project? 21. So guess who was busy making pom poms non-stop? Two 5th graders tried helping me out, convinced they could do it. I let them. I was running out of time and could use all the help I could get! Their pom poms were a little off but I used them anyway. It made them feel good and it saved me time.

Sidebar: Another 5th grade girl showed me up on pom pom finishing. I tried to make mine even but I was in a hurry and they weren’t perfect. She started trimming and made this perfect little ball! I tried to have her do all of them but she gave up on the second one. Apparently it takes a lot of careful cutting to make them look that good. No wonder mine don’t look so good, I’m lazy! Anyway, I need to watch more closely so my pom poms can look as good as a fifth graders. 🙂

So after finishing all the pom poms while the kids were working on their cups, we had some wonderful masterpieces ready for our tables.


This is what ours looked like. Super cute but looks nothing like the one above. LOL 


Yes, that IS a tape recorder and player in the background! The kids think it’s new technology. They get to listen to books on tape. 🙂


Hooo you looking at!?


Aren’t we cute?

11 thoughts on “Turkeys Everywhere!

  1. These are really cute Yolanda!! I am terrible, I mean TERRIBLE at making pompoms. First graders could probably make better ones than me!! I just bought some Clover Pompom makers that I’m hoping will work out for me. We’ll see though. I’m sure that it won’t be as easy or come out as nice as the picture instructions on the back of the package. 😀 😀 😀

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