A Day At The Zoo

My family and I went to the San Diego Zoo and we had a blast. We had no agenda and just meandered around the zoo and stumbled upon all the animals we wanted to see. It was a nice day out with my hubby and son with no plan and no stress about what animals we HAD to see. Even so, I saw almost all the animals I had HOPED to see.

How is this related to crochet? Well, as I found myself enjoying the animals and the scenery, my mind would wander and I would find myself thinking about whether I could crochet a panda bear or what kind of yarn I would use to emulate the mane of that magnificent lion I was looking at. Crochet is always on my mind in one fashion or another. Inspiration is everywhere. But I also just wanted to share my trip because I had so much fun. 🙂


One source of inspiration!


This guy stopped me in my tracks on my way to see the elephants. I didn’t expect to see lions and was so happy to stumble upon him. My son was not so happy because the elephants were so close!


This guy came over to us to investigate. He was so cute!

3 thoughts on “A Day At The Zoo

  1. Wow! the pictures you took are magnificent. They look as though the animals were posing for you. Serena loved loved loved the picture of the panda. I’m a little jealous…in a nice way :-).

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