Challenge Accepted!

Today I was thinking about how grateful I am when my family and friends challenge me to make or try something I’ve never tried before. Of course, at the time of said challenge, I’m usually annoyed that they don’t leave me alone in my complacency. My daughter is the most guilty of this by always wanting something I’ve never done before or wanting something I’ve done but in a different way. I tend to throw her a look that’s pure annoyance because I know it is going to be work to get the results she wants. Hours spent researching stitches, techniques, and experimentation goes drifting through my brain. I usually respond with a skeptical, “We’ll see,” each knowing full well I’ll eventually try it. I’m always happy I rise to the challenge because, in the end, I finish with a brand new bag of tricks that enhance my future projects.

Case in point, she wanted a doll. Great, I thought, I make dolls! Easy peezy. But wait! She wanted a gothic doll…and with wings no less! She sent me these cute illustrations of what she wanted. I saw these beauties and wondered if I could meet her high expectations.

Credit to “Myka Jelina, Fantasy Artist.”


I wanted to try some new techniques on my dolls anyway, like creating a more defined waist in the body and a more angular face. A goth fairy doll was the perfect place to start my experimentation.  Through some trial and error, they truly were a labor of love, I came up with two of my favorite dolls.

This one is the prototype and the one I kept and one of the few dolls I still have. She has butterfly wings but I don’t always attach them. I think the back part of her dress is pretty and I hate covering it up.

This doll below is the final doll I gave to my daughter.

Let’s fast forward to my sister playing with a new baby doll I was making (for my mother-in-law). I realized (or more correctly, my daughter made me realize) that I have never made a doll for this particular sister. She demanded (with respect of course, I’m still her mother) that I make one for her aunt. Chagrined, I asked my sis if she even wanted one. She said “If it’s not too much trouble…” (modest, I knew she really wanted one) so I asked her questions about what kind she wanted. She decided on a baby doll. Easy peezy, right? Nope. She wanted fingers on the hands, not my usual technique of fan-shaped or round shaped hands. Of course she wanted something I have never done before. I know they exist because I’ve been inspired by dolls I’ve seen on the web that have fingers but I’ve never done it myself. So…I found myself on YouTube looking for how to create fingers on crochet dolls. I actually found a very good video on it ( and can’t wait to try it. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to try anyway. My sis just gave me the push I needed…in all honesty I may never have gotten around to it without her 🙂 Naturally, it doesn’t stop there. She didn’t want the usual outfit I make for my baby dolls – namely, a diaper and an easy baby shirt. She wants cute little girl panties with ruffles and a fancy baby dress. I can do that 🙂

I am ever grateful that my family annoys me enough to challenge me 🙂

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