Freebie Friday – Elf on the Shelf

I love my hubby. I get some great freebies from him (no, that’s not the only reason I love him). He’s an amazing graphic designer and has collected various samples of items he’s worked on. For a particular packaging project, he needed to acquire an Elf on a Shelf for reference. When done with his project, he let me take possession of it. He correctly figured I could take it to work (I work with kids).

Not knowing much about the lore, I took it to work recently and thought I would incorporate it into story time in December. I was going to take the elf out of the box and display it while I was reading. The best laid plans and all that, I wasn’t prepared for the students’ reactions when I pulled the box out from behind the white board.

Shrieks, shouts, instructions and questions assaulted me from many tiny mouths.

“Is that an Elf on the Shelf?!!!”

“Don’t touch it! It will lose it’s magic if you touch it!”

“No, No! Don’t open it!”

“It’s an elf on a shelf! It’s and elf on a shelf! Don’t touch it!”

I was frozen in place with my hand on the box trying to think quick. I should obviously not open the box.

All this while students were running around me explaining (yelling) to me all about the elf on a shelf. I had no clue. I was so ignorant. But as usual, they schooled me real quick! I’m so glad I didn’t make the foolish mistake of opening the box and touching the elf. The kids stopped me from killing the magic. Potential catastrophe averted. Lucky for me, that elf can now do it’s thing in December and report back to Santa every night.

In the meantime, serendipity struck and I came across a pattern for a crochet shelf elf. Glee! I have to make one.


No touching!


Girls can be magic too.

I probably won’t have it in time for this year but maybe,  just maybe I can make one for next year. Then I can send it to the north pole to fill it with magic and when it shows up, I’ll be sure to follow all the rules (especially no touching!).  😀




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