Crochet Ariel Bounding Outfit

After a few request to show off my crocheted Ariel bounding outfit, today was the day. The weather finally cooled off enough that I could actually put it on (in the morning). I probably won’t be wearing the two pieces together because, you know, crochet overload, but they do make a happy couple visually, if not in practicality.

ariel crochet outfit.jpg

ariel crochet outfit_2.jpg

It was morning but it was already getting to warm to keep on!

I’m thinking of making some new Ariel ears. Not sure I still like these.

15 thoughts on “Crochet Ariel Bounding Outfit

  1. The whole outfit looks perfect together…especially with the mouse ears bringing everything together. All you need now is to crochet matching shoes ☺ which I know you can do in your sleep and…voila 🤗.

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    • Absolutely. It’s just single crochet in the back loop that created the ribbing. I made a chain the length I wanted (about knee length) and then went back and forth until it was wide enough to go around my hips. When I was done, the rows were vertical. I seed up the sides and had a tube. Then I added a waist by doing half double Crochet’s in the round with some decreases. Ok, that sounded complicated but it really isn’t. Lol. If that didn’t make sense, I’ll work on a post on how I did it if you’d like. 🙂

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