Crochet Emoji Hand Puppet

I’m a sucker, I know. Wasn’t I the one who said I wouldn’t take anymore special requests from the kids? I would make crochet prizes and the kids could either pick what was available or not, but no more special request. Yeah, well…we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. I had made a crochet LOL emoji hand puppet for the Ultimate Prize-box and a student wanted it, but he said it looked like a girl.

LOL Emoji puppet_11.jpg

Who you calling a girl?

LOL Emoji puppet_13.jpg

Ok, I’m a girl.

He hinted he sure wished he could have an emoji puppet but with a red shirt instead, so it could be a boy. I didn’t want to work on the Charizard project I had going on anyway, so I agreed to make it for him.

Naturally, and in that case, he wanted a money emoji puppet instead, with shorts. Ok, ok, that would be fine. Blue shorts, with shoes. Uh huh. And with hair. Wait, what? It’s an emoji. Do they have hair? Or better yet, a green mohawk! Now I’ve heard everything.  🙂

Then, he was asking me everyday if I had been working on the puppet. Yes, I had been.

One of these days I’ll have to write things down because I can never remember what my favorite method is to make them. Then I start to worry if it’s looking right (like I did with this new one). I had to frog it back because I made the body too big. If I had written it down, I wouldn’t have had that problem. But I like to live dangerously. 🙂 It usually turns out fine in the end.

And it did turn out fine. He was very excited when he saw I had finished the puppet.

crochet money emoji puppet_1

Kinda looks like a pineapple!

crochet money emoji puppet_2

Check out that mohawk!

crochet money emoji puppet

And with his new proud owner.


7 thoughts on “Crochet Emoji Hand Puppet

  1. I love the money emoji! I think he thought the other one looked like a girl because the top looks like a dress with a curled up edge. On the other hand, kids say things and don’t have any clue about what they’re saying half the time!

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    • Thanks Tony! You’re so right about what kids say. I’ve had this little boy since he was in Kinder and he’s always been very concerned about boy things and girl things. It didn’t surprise me he didn’t want the ‘girl’ puppet AND he probably knew I’d crack and he’d get exactly what he wanted. 🤑

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    • Thanks Tina! Eek, patten! The problem is that I need to decide which method I like best. I’ve made them from the top down, the bottom up, and even in parts and sew together! The concept’s the same, so maybe I can do a tutorial on how I do them. I’m on it. Honest 😇

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