Crochet Pokemon Charizard

I finally got the Pokemon Charizard done. His legs took me forever.


Charizard Legs Crochet_1

I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go but I finally settled on an idea after much trial and error.

When I attached his arms, the kids went nuts and wanted to play with him, but alas, I had a critic. A third grader told me he was too cute for Charizard. “Charizard is NOT cute,” he said. I didn’t aim for cute, I aimed for fierce, but I got ‘cute’. I can live with that.

Charizard Legs Crochet_1

Grrr, I’m not cute, I’m fierce!

It was the same for the wings. Thinking and frogging. This has NOT been one of my favorite projects. I honestly don’t know why my heart wasn’t in it. I’ve been trying to get him done since before Christmas of last year! I made him at work so I’m limited by time constraints. But still… It has more to do with motivation. I did a lot of ‘thinking’ on this one and it’s awful hard to think when managing 40 kids (excuses!). I started and stopped constantly. I frogged back quite a few times too.

I would get started, didn’t like how he looked, tried a different approach, stopped again and then picked him up days or weeks later. I even got easily diverted by a crocheted puppet. Normally when I have a project going, I tell the students they have to wait until I’m done before I even consider their project, but not this time.

But that’s all over. He’s done!

Crochet Charizard Complete

Crochet Charizard Back



24 thoughts on “Crochet Pokemon Charizard

  1. That is awesome! I’m sorry the legs were a pain, but he’s got legs. Oh, nevermind, now I’m remembering that awful song from the 1980s. Anyway, good job and that’s where perseverance gets you: a complete amigurumi that is cute!!!

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    • Thanks Tony! I’ve been working on it so long almost every single kid asked me where it went. I had put it away in the ultimate prize box so it wasn’t in my bag and they noticed right away. Next question was whether I finished it and could they look at it. It was cute seeing kid after kid peeking in the cabinet to get a good look. Then it was about who would make it first to claim him. 🙂 P.S. now I have that song stuck in my head. 😂

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