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Crochet Doll for a friend

My co-worker and dear friend has gone off and left me to go back to college in another state.😔

I’m so sad she’s gone but supportive of her decision and extremely excited about her new adventure. Working with her made my job such a joy every single day. Her last day was also our last day before our holiday break. I wanted to give her a gift that was both a Christmas gift and a going away present. I hoped to make something special that would let her know how much I would miss her.

I thought about the different things I could make but in the end, it had to be a doll. Although I make and have made a variety of things, I’m a doll maker at heart and I couldn’t send her on her journey without her very own doll. But it had to be SPECIAL. Not Continue reading

Freebie Friday- Death Star Pillow

A close friend (and sis-in-law) sent me a link to a Star Wars Crochet Pillow. I followed the link and saw this!

Crochet Death Star Pillow

We are Star Wars geeks in my family so this was an awesome find. The link she sent had the picture and another link to a video and pattern. My first thought was, “I can make this without a pattern. Who needs a pattern? Not me!” My next thought was, “Maybe I should check out the video.” I didn’t bother clicking on the second link to the pattern. I went straight to YouTube and did a search. I thought it would be a straight forward pattern that increased in a familiar way with even increases and decreases but the first thing I noticed was that she follows a very strange (to me anyway) stitch pattern for a ball. In my head I was thinking I didn’t have to do it that way. I was making plans for when I would start the project but the different way she made the sphere was nagging me. After all, there had to be a reason she increased and decreased the way she did so I followed the second link to her site. Sure enough, she had tried the conventional methods to make a sphere and wasn’t happy with the results. She found a tool that helped her make the shape she wanted and came up with the resulting pattern she liked. I’m glad I took a second look because thanks to her research, I now have this tool (sphere pattern calculator) myself and so do you! You can find it all here. Enjoy 🙂

I am not affiliated with any websites nor do I make any money from these sites. They are simply patterns I like or would like to try myself.