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Crochet Sora Doll From Kingdom Hearts Video Game

Here is a surprise gift I made for my son last Christmas. I had learned one of his favorite characters from the video game Kingdom Hearts is Sora. I wanted to try my hand at making him. I very rarely use patterns for my creations. Most of what I make is my own design, and I use the term ‘design’ loosely here because I usually just go… But I do plan, mostly in my head, but sometimes on paper. This one was mostly in my head. I started by looking at many photos and sometimes videos of the character.

Then I looked at crochet examples of the character from other people. This allowed me to 1) figure out what important characteristics should be included and 2) ideas on how to implement, or not implement, certain techniques. Then I thought on it all before I got started.

Doesn’t look like much yet.
I teased every strand of yarn to get it to poof.
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