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Freebie Friday – Mario Rag Doll

Mario is finished and waiting to be given to his new owner. His new owner still needs a few more stars on the chart to earn him but he’s close 🙂

Mario in Tree

Aside from having anxiety about getting the face and hat right, he wasn’t as hard as I was worried he might be.  Continue reading

Square Rag Dolls

I’ve been busy making more crochet rag dolls for the kids at work. They have really gotten into the spirit of the thing and requested all kinds of different dolls. Of course, trying to tell them that the point of making these dolls is to keep it simple hasn’t quite sunk in. After all, my hope was to actually be able to finish them in a timely fashion (as opposed to some time next school year 🙂 ). I’ve been reigning in their requests to something I can actually accomplish.

The second request was a Chris TDM YouTuber thing I had never heard about. I did gather it had something to do with Minecraft. I asked the student to draw it while keeping in mind the parameters of the rag dolls: Square, rectangle, etc. He drew this!

Chris Drawing

Awesome drawing!

I could do that!


And I did 🙂 Continue reading