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Start of a New Year and Photography

I hope everyone’s New Year is going great. I also want to remind everyone there’s still time to sign up for my first ever Giveaway. I hope you pop on over and enter. 🙂

I’ve had a three week break from work this holiday season which ends next Monday. Yikes! I have gotten a lot of things crossed off my to-do list and feel very accomplished. Surprisingly, crochet was not one of those things. This first week into the new year was supposed to be about crocheting but my focus took a different turn; photography.

It might surprise folks that I actually have a Bachelor’s degree in photography.
I completed my degree way back in 1994, but hey, I still have that degree! I shot professionally for a few years after college. Right out of school, I photographed high school seniors and weddings. Although I have never stopped shooting, I headed more towards education so I could work around my children, eventually earning a Master’s in teaching. I continue to shoot product shots for my hubby (he’s a graphic designer and sometimes needs photos) and am the resident photographer for my family, but I no longer shoot professionally. As a consequence, I pull out my camera less and less. I pull it out for my crochet items but at least half the time it’s more convenient to use my cell phone. Continue reading