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Freebie Friday – Crochet Jelly Fish

It’s official. I have become my mother.

My daughter tagged me on Facebook in a post about a crochet jellyfish. She wants one. More specifically, she wants ME to make her one. I looked at this thing and thought it was cute and super simple to make. I didn’t think I even needed to use the pattern to make it but I looked it over just in case.
Jellyfish crochet

I came to the conclusion that yes, it was pretty simple and she could probably make it herself with my guidance. About a year ago she had accompanied me to a craft fair and it was slow so she was open to letting me teach her how to crochet (she was bored :-)). She never showed much interest in crocheting herself. She always relied on me to make her things. She is so creative in so many areas that I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get her to crochet. So on this particular day, I had her undivided attention and so I was finally able to convince her to try it.

Imagine my surprise when she picked it up immediately. Like, she was crocheting rows in no time and going in the round a few minutes later! I don’t think I’ve taught anyone that picked it up that quickly. I felt duped! My daughter was a prodigy and she refused to learn. She could have been crocheting ages ago. That was the first and last time she picked up a hook.

Back to the Jelly. I responded to her post by saying I could guide her in making the jellyfish, knowing full well she wouldn’t do it. She countered with, and I quote,”What’s the point of having a mother with these skills if I can’t exploit them???” I was my mother. My mother made stuff for her children all the time. Stuff we never asked for. The moment we asked for something, we got the “You can make it” talk. She always offered to walk us through it. Sometimes I took her up on it but mostly I just wanted her to make it for me. Mother was wise. LOL And now I get to lob those words at my own daughter and now I understand both sides. 🙂


The free pattern can be found here.


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