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Viva Las Vegas

I was able to travel to Vegas with my hubby for a few days on his business trip. The stars must have aligned because I don’t normally get to go.  Work schedules always work against us but this trip was during our Spring Break so I was Vegas bound. As a bonus, I scheduled in a visit with the in-laws so I could deliver the twin crochet babies I promised my mom-in-law.

twin babies_1


I could have mailed them but it was so much more rewarding to hand deliver them to her. I’m always a little nervous when I custom make something for someone and give it to them for the first time. Happily, she loved them and her reaction was worth the stop over. It’s always nice seeing family so I’m really glad we went.

On this trip, we went see the Michael Jackson One Cirque show. The Cirque shows never cease to amaze me and this one was no exception. It was fantastic and so much fun.


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Twin Crochet Babies

I’ve been working on the twin babies I promised my mom-in-law. I’m finally done! I just finished up their outfits and booties and I can ship them off.

twin babies_6

She wanted them to wear onesies and since I had never made a onesie, I had to learn how to do it. I was at my sister’s house (again) while I was trying to figure out the outfits and searching the internet when she pointed out that what I was looking at was not right. I was in fact looking at sleepers or something but not onesies. I totally disagreed with her because I was so sure that what my mom-in-law wanted was what I was looking at even though she called it a onesie. I insisted both could be called onesies. My sister insisted I was wrong (as big sisters are known to do) and made me check with my in-law to be sure. Well, I begrudgingly admit she saved me because she was right. The outfit I thought I needed was actually more complicated so she saved me from time wasted looking for and creating the wrong one.  Once I was on the right track, I looked at pictures and patterns for inspiration. I l scanned several patterns to get a general idea of how they are done and then made one of the babies his onesie. The other doll came out a tad bit smaller so I modified it again to fit him better (plus I didn’t write the first one down so I had to guess at what I’d done but I’ll write it down next time :-).

I find it interesting that even though I used the same pattern for the dolls, a pattern I created I might add, they still came out slightly different sizes. I thought I used the same tension on both but I guess I didn’t. My wrists were probably tired on the bigger doll and I didn’t even notice that my tension was looser. But that’s the beauty of making dolls, size isn’t nearly as important as say, making clothing. That’s probably why I gravitate towards making toys. No one’s going to complain if their doll comes out a little bigger or smaller 🙂

Challenge Accepted!

Today I was thinking about how grateful I am when my family and friends challenge me to make or try something I’ve never tried before. Of course, at the time of said challenge, I’m usually annoyed that they don’t leave me alone in my complacency. My daughter is the most guilty of this by always wanting something I’ve never done before or wanting something I’ve done but in a different way. I tend to throw her a look that’s pure annoyance because I know it is going to be work to get the results she wants. Hours spent researching stitches, techniques, and experimentation goes drifting through my brain. I usually respond with a skeptical, “We’ll see,” each knowing full well I’ll eventually try it. I’m always happy I rise to the challenge because, in the end, I finish with a brand new bag of tricks that enhance my future projects.

Case in point, she wanted a doll. Great, I thought, I make dolls! Easy peezy. But wait! She wanted a gothic doll…and with wings no less! She sent me these cute illustrations of what she wanted. I saw these beauties and wondered if I could meet her high expectations.

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Mini me to be

This is the progress on my look a like doll.


I think the eyes worked out nicely. Now I’m planning the perfect outfit and accessories.

I’m really loving her already. Usually I have a ‘hate them at first’ relationship with my dolls. I want to love them of course, so I do everything I can to make them beautiful. Once the process is complete, then I love them (usually). But sometimes, I love them right away. Then comes the stress of possibly ruining that great love because I know it can all go wrong if the hair and clothes aren’t just right. Those things make a big difference to the finished doll.  But for now, before the hair and the clothes possibly spoil the love affair, I love her.  🙂

Me with doll enhanced

Okay, we won’t be identical twins but fraternal twins definitely!


Work in Progress

I feel like I don’t have enough time to work on all the crochet projects I want to work on. I have two baby dolls I promised to make my mother in law, a doggie sweater for my daughter’s puppy and a doll that looks like me.

I also want to create a Frozen Elsa doll. I’ve had a lot of request for that so I definitely want to make one. I’m in the ‘imagining’ stage for that one. I’m picturing how big I want it to be, what yarns I might use, how to make the dress, which buttons I’ll pick for the eyes, which method I’ll use to shape the head and so on and so on 🙂

Today I’m working on my crochet doll look-alike. This is a doll I’m making so I can tighten up a pattern in a crochet book I’m writing. I want to make sure it works. It’s also going to have other uses to represent my book so it’s really important for this doll to come out right. I’m working on the head right now and I’m trying to select the perfect buttons for the eyes from my stash. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two sets. They are almost identical except for the size. One set is dark brown and the other black. I’ll decide which size is best when I finish the head so I can see which size works better. I’m leaning towards the dark brown ones so hopefully the finished piece can support the bigger eyes.

button eyes

I love the part where I get to go through my stash of buttons to select the prefect ‘eyes’ for the doll that’s about to be born.

Superman Beanie

I’m so excited! I just sold a beanie to someone I met at a craft fair where I had a booth selling my crochet. The person bought a Minecraft beanie I had made.

steve mine craft beani 72 dpi

This is like the hat that sold.

He asked if I could make one with superman as the theme. I told him I was up to the challenge and I went for it. He showed me an illustration that looked very simple to duplicate. I delivered it today and he loved it.  Here’s what it looked like.


This is the actual hat I delivered today.


A side view that shows the color work.

Instead of crocheting in the round for these hats, I opted to crochet in rows since I wanted the ‘hair’ to go down the sides of the face in graduated steps. I did my increase rows in the same way I would as if crocheting in the round, top down.

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