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Skillet Chicken

I don’t really write about food here (or anywhere) but tonight, I couldn’t resist. My son was laughing hysterically after eating my delicious dinner. Before he ate it, I warned him that it was an experiment, so it might not be so great, but I thought it looked good. My son, being the good son that he is, tried it with an open mind. To my delight and his, he liked it. The more he ate it, the more he said he liked it. Then he said it was definitely a keeper.

Skillet Chicken Maple syrup recipe

My skillet version. 

Boy, was I relieved. It took an hour and a half from prep to finished product, so if it hadn’t worked out, I would have scrambling around for something else to make real quick. As we were eating, I told him how I came about this new recipe. I’m not usually very adventurous when it comes to cooking. What I cook, I cook well. I just hate to cook. I love looking at pictures of all the yummy food I see on other blogs, but that hardly ever transfers to my kitchen. Continue reading