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fairy large front 1Liliandolls_1

CLICK HERE to view more dolls on Flickr




CLICK HERE to view more headgear on Flickr


Purses & Cases


CLICK HERE to view more purses and cases on Flickr


Crochet Items


CLICK HERE to view more crochet items on Flickr




CLICK HERE to view more toys on Flickr


120 thoughts on “Photo Galleries

  1. Sarah, I want to make sure you understand that you are not texting your friends. You are leaving comments on a public blog where everyone can read what you say. This is not a good place to stay in contact with your friends in that way. I still love hearing from you and hope you keep up with my blog and leave me comments but you can’t use this to communicate directly with your friends. I will pass along the last two comments you left but let’s find you a better way to stay in contact with your friends.


    • Hi Kelly. If you scroll to the top of this section, you’ll see something that says ‘Click here to view more dolls’. Click on that and you can see some of the dolls I have made so far. Hope you enjoy seeing them. 🙂


    • Hi Sarah. If you go directly to the blog post about the pumpkin there is a link in blue that takes you to a sight that has a video tutorial on how to make it. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.


  2. Yes I did see the life size doll! I miss going to WA on Tuesdays and on Fridays.Sometimes I just want to go back in time and change everything up so I can go to WA EVERYDAY.😄😭

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  3. Do you remember the time when I said I wanted the cap for fifth grade. I still think the caps are so cool. P.S maybe Mrs.Sherman should make a big cap for the new fifth graders to wear next year.🎓

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