Gift Of A Bonsai Tree

Have you ever received a gift that you absolutely wanted but were horrified when you actually received it? No? Well, I’m guilty of it. My sis-in-law (and friend since we were 15 years old) had this little bonsai tree in her backyard. Every time I would visit, I would say I was going to steal it…every time. I didn’t mean it of course. I wouldn’t steal it, but I did want it in theory, but not for realsies.

I love it!

Imagine my horror when she came for a visit and walked into my home with that very plant! A gift for me because she knew how much I loved it. Instead of being properly delighted that she brought me such a generous and thoughtful gift, I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. In a split second, I had thoughts of how I might kill this beloved plant. Did she actually bring it here where it might not make it? She’s known me forever, she knows my history with plants! But after the panic passed, I asked what any sane person would ask…would she be alright if the plant died on me? Luckily she wasn’t insulted at my freakout and assured me that she wanted me to have it and if it didn’t make it, it didn’t make it. Since she wouldn’t hold it against me if the plant didn’t like my care (and died), I was able to jump with glee that she was giving me her plant. Continue reading