Crochet Cell Phone Cases

I make a ton of crocheted pieces but I don’t actually use many of them. I tend to give them away as gifts. I love making beanies but I can’t stand having things on my head. Most of my dolls have been sold or given away. Even the blankets I’ve made have been given away. But one thing I do use religiously is a cell phone case. When I’m at work (after school program) I get many calls or texts from parents so it’s important that I have my cell phone on me at all times. I usually wear shorts or jeans so I have belt loops. When I first started working there, I realized I needed a solution for my phone that would keep it near, keep it safe, and keep it accessible. In the beginning, I bought phone cases that had a clip but they would constantly slip of. I tried putting the phone in my pocket but sometimes I didn’t have pockets or it felt awkward in there. Worst of all was when I would sit on it because I forgot it was there! I decided I could make something that would work much better. I made my own cases with flaps and a button for closure (so the phone wouldn’t slip out) and attached a lobster claw key ring so I could hook it onto my belt loop so it wouldn’t slip off.

lobster-claw-clasp 93000_Split_key_ring

I have made several phone cases over the years in colors that match the colors I wear most often. The kids really like it when I switch them up. They always comment about the cases when they notice I’m using a different one.

Here’s a sampling of some that I have made over the years. My older cases are too small now since phones keep getting bigger! I’m trying to repurpose them for other uses. They’re also starting to show signs of wear so I think it’s time to make up some new ones.

phone cases

My favorites are the black one and the orangie one on the top right. My students tend to favor the rainbow one.

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Joint Effort Large Crochet Bag

A few summers ago when we still had a summer program in conjunction with our after school program, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to teach crochet as one of our activities. I had some students that never left the chain stage. They made short chains and long chains and multi-strand chains. There was always at least one student who attempted the worlds longest chain. I wanted the kids to feel a sense of accomplishment when they conquered making a chain, so I would let them decide what the chain could become and then, made a little accessory like a flower or star to embellish it. Many turned into necklaces and bracelets.

Some kids progressed so well, I had them making granny squares, purses and cases. At one point I ended up with a huge jar of chains and a few rectangles, squares, and granny squares. I didn’t want to just toss them so I got it into my head that I would find a project that would incorporate all of those chains and granny squares the kids had worked so hard for. At first, I thought I would tie the strands together and create a ball of yarn with them and then come up with a project, but  I rejected that idea because I wanted the work to stand out. I opted to make a crochet bag that could hold our balls of yarn that always ended up all over the place. It was going to be my gift to the program.

It turned into a huge task but it was so much fun. I made the sides out of double crochet netting. The bottom of the bag was made up of the squares some of the kids made. I had to make a few more to make it complete and added stitches and rows to the students’ squares that weren’t even. I made borders on them and then joined them. I took the chains and and wove them through the netting. I used more chains and did end up making a ball of chain yarn and made a flower as a decoration. I took the thicker chains and wove those together to make the handles. I used up all the chains and squares we made that summer! Some of the kids had a ball finding their individual chains within the work. We were all proud of all the work we did.

Here it is in all it’s glory.

WA bag 72_1 WA bag 72_2 WA bag 72_3 WA bag 72

Whenever I look at the bag, it gives me such a sense of accomplishment for me and for the students (although I don’t think I’ll tackle such a big job again hehehe). It’s not only great for storing all sorts of things, it stores some wonderful memories.