Archive | May 16, 2023

Better Late Than Never

Oh boy, did I drop the ball. I promised I would share the finished doll I had made for a student, and I did not. That was (I’m counting on my fingers) nine months ago! Let me just say my student loved the doll, played with the doll, and now has asked me to fix the doll because her mom washed it and the hair went crazy. She hasn’t brought it back to me yet for the doll surgery, but hopefully she will so I can get her on her feet again.

She was so cute!
She had to have some shoes.
Here she is with her design page. Yep, that’s how I work!
Sitting with her bestie. This ugly doll (left) inspired the cute one (right).

I started graduate school and unfortunately blogging took a back seat, but the crochet hasn’t stopped. I plan on sharing more of my creations.