Crochet Baby Yoda Lovey

My niece was having a baby (she had a baby boy), and I wanted to give her something special for her baby shower. She loves all things Star Wars, and specifically Baby Yoda/Grogu from The Mandalorian show on Disney. I just knew she would love a crochet lovey.

The first attempt wasn’t quite right, so of course I had to make a second one. They were both cute, but I think the second one turned out better. I ended up keeping the first one, long enough to take it to Disneyland. After that, I gave it to my sister for her grand baby.

My first attempt wasn’t bad.
He was kinda cute.
But the blankly part wasn’t quite right.
I started over with a smaller head.
I did a better job with the blanket part. I secured the head on the blanket a lot better than the first one.
This would be the one to go in the gift bag for the baby shower.
He fit in well with the other gifts.

You probably can’t tell much of a difference between the two, but I definitely had a favorite, and that’s the one that went to my niece. My sister was very happy with hers as well. 🙂


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