Crochet Antonio Doll from Encanto

Once again, the kids at work had convinced me to make a doll. This time, they wanted me to make Antonio from the movie Encanto. I was willing to try.

Now they’re screening for me to make his tiger or toucan, but I don’t wanna. 😂 I found a toy lying around that fit the bill. One of my Kinders was really excited about this one. I had to figure out a way to let him have it from the prize box without the other kids crying foul. This little boy had asked me (hounded me) repeatedly about why I wasn’t working on the doll if I didn’t have a hook in my hand. I had to explain to him, repeatedly, that I still had to work taking care of them. I actually get very little time to work on crochet projects at work. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone.

When I was done, he was so excited. He kept telling me that he was going to pick it from the prize box. Unfortunately it’s in our ultimate prize box and not many students are near that category at the moment, and the end of the year is almost here. I found a way to make it fair and he got to take it home. He was so happy and that made me happy.


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