Crochet Harry Dresden and Crew

One of my very favorite book series of all time is the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. After years of claiming I would make characters from the books, I finally did it. And here they are, in their very own photo shoot: Harry Dresden, Bob the skull, Mister the cat, and Mouse the temple dog.

Harry Dresden, at your service.
Ready to take on the bad guys.
Harry wouldn’t be able to make it without his crew.
They are a great team.
Enjoying the garden.
Sitting with his books.

There are other characters from the series I may try to make later, like Queen Mab, and Michael–a Knight of the Cross. One day they’ll join my motley crew.


4 thoughts on “Crochet Harry Dresden and Crew

  1. Having read and LOVED all the Harry Dresden books…I can totally envision the characters as they are in the books. I LOVE your chrochet interpretation of them (applause and whistling here…woohoo!).

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