Crochet Bob the Skull, Mouse, and Mister

Some of my favorite characters from Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series aren’t human at all. Bob the Skull is hilarious, always giving Harry a hard time, but he is super helpful in keeping him alive. The skull is inhabited by a spirit entity and is one of the best things in the books.

My version of Bob the Skull.
I had a hard time creating my own version, so I found a YouTube video for a skull I liked.
This is Mouse the Temple Dog that is much more than a dog. Mister is Harry’s cat and is full of personality, as with most cats.
Mister looks like a total spaz here.

Next post will show them all together. I’m still debating if I should remake Mouse and Mister. They aren’t exactly right, but they are right enough for now. 😁


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