Crochet projects from the past

My daughter moved out a few months ago, and she set up a new office in her apartment. I have to say, I was very impressed with how she set it up. I had office envy! I also was touched but how she displayed all the crochet items I’ve made for her over the years. It brought back memories as some of them went back years. Some were made so long ago, I had completely forgotten about them. I didn’t photograph everything, but here are some of what she displayed.

This is Little Guy. He was my daughter’s creation when she was in high school (I think). I made it as a gift for her. She loved seeing her art piece come to life.
This is a frog princes I made for her because she loved frogs. The red-toed tree frog was her favorite.
One of my first mermaids. I didn’t like her at first, but she liked her so I gave her to her.
Here’s another frog project. I think it was a little purse. The crochet creature in the back is another of her art creations. It was an alien creature called The They. She even wrote a book about in high school!
This little bat was my attempt at recreating a character from one of her favorite books, Stella Luna. I guess it lost an eye over the years and she turned it into a pirate. 😂
This little guy was one of a few things I made from a pattern from a book. She bought me the book specifically so I could make her some of its creatures.
She wanted a little Baby Yoda so I made a few because of her. Those scary looking dolls were my attempts at yarn voodoo dolls. She wanted them so they became hers.
Look, another frog! This was a frog hat she wanted.

I made her that octopus when it was making rounds on the internet. She just had to have one. 😃

She had a few more things in her closet, and I’m sure there were a few more items hidden away, but it was so sweet seeing all those items displayed.


8 thoughts on “Crochet projects from the past

  1. Beautiful and sweet pieces of history for both of you in every single item you’ve crocheted for her. I know for a fact that every time she sees them she feels all the comfort and love whith which you made them for her.

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