Archive | April 2, 2022

Crochet Cheeseburger and Other Christmas Ornaments

Continuing the Christmas theme again (last one I promise!), I had a lot of scrap yarn, and I thought it was perfect for little ornaments. I let the kids help me pick out what I should make. We were looking at ideas on the internet, when they all saw these little cheeseburgers. Even though I I kept trying to lead them to other projects, they were insistent upon the burgers. I capitulated to the will of the people and made them their burgers.

Those eyes!
That evil smile, according to the kids anyway. 😂

I had one little boy who kept telling me that he really really really wanted the burger. I told him that when he made it to prize-box (he was close), he could have it. I gave him little odd jobs to earn stars for our prize-box so he could take it before Christmas. He made it and then he chose something else of course. Oh well. 😂

After making what they wanted, I made a few crocheted stocking ornaments.

Now we were all happy.