Crochet Devil doll

I’ve had a crochet focused Instagram account for quite a few years (@yochetcrochet), but then my friend had to go and introduce me to Bookstagram. I had to decide if I wanted to create a new account dedicated to my love of books and reading or combine it with an account I already had. I currently have a succulents account and a hiking account (@yolihikingandoutdoors) and I definitely didn’t want to create a fourth account!

In my infinite wisdom, I combined it with my crochet account since I sometimes post about the crochet book I wrote. Books and crochet seemed to go hand in hand. Right off the bat, I got involved with book challenges and of course, I wanted to include crochet. Mostly I used crochet pieces and dolls I had on hand, but occasionally I created something new for a challenge. This little devil was born because of Instagram.

I can’t even remember what the book challenge was, but the book I wanted to use was titled Devil’s Desire. It was a book I loved as a teenager and still owned. Making a little crochet devil seemed perfect.

I still use him in some of my Insta posts and he’s probably one I’ll keep.

Instagram accounts: @yochetcrochet @yolissucculentgarden @yolikingandoutdoors

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