Crochet Scrap Yarn Doll

After a year-and-a-half, I came back to work running an after-school program at an elementary school. I have students from Kinder to 5th grade. One of the things I love about my job is that, if they want to learn, I get teach the students how to crochet. In the process, I make them all sorts of items for the prize-box and ultimate prize-box (larger or more expensive toys).

The things I make are often based on what interests the students at the time. But sometimes, my creations are based on what yarn I have on hand. I checked our yarn drawer and decided to make a doll out of scraps. I had one little girl who had MANY opinions, and the doll reflects that. She was that same little girl who loved telling me about her brother’s SpongeBob crochet hat that I made.

I had a few small balls of white yarn I had rolled for another project a few years ago.
She’s almost there!
She needed some flowers apparently. And the heart eyes were a hit.
And of course she needed a shot with the big doll.

And when my little Kinder helper made it to ultimate prize-box, she picked the doll. I was surprised because I didn’t know how invested she was in the doll. Helping me create it didn’t necessarily mean that she would want to get it. In fact, she kept telling me how she wanted a mermaid backpack that was available. When she made it to the prize-box, I automatically reached for the backpack. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she snatched the doll instead. After all, She was so excited about her bro-bro and his crochet hat. She was so happy to have her very own crochet toy, just like her brother. The fact that she had a hand in making her was just extra special.

She was so excited about it that she took a picture of herself at home, with her doll and her brother’s doll…that he still has! It was soooooo cute and it touched my heart that she wanted me to see them together in her home.

My student with her new doll, her brother’s old doll, and a yarn bird I had made for a group project.
Here they are together.

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