SpongeBob Square Pants Crochet Hat

I had one of the sweetest things happen at work. One of my students in my after-school program brought back a blast from the past in the form of one of my crochet pieces that was out in the wild.

Back in 2015, I made a SpongeBob SquarePants crochet hat. That year, I was going to participate at the school’s annual craft fair and I decided to include the hat. I had a student boy who loved the hat, and when the fair came around, his mom sneakily bought him the hat for Christmas. I remember how happy he was when he got it.

This year, I have his little sister (Kinder) in my after-school program, and my former student is now 16 and in high school. She loves telling me all about her bro bro and how he has the crochet hat of SpongeBob that I made. Apparently he also has other toys I had made for him.

My former student designed this one. It was one of my first posts.

That was cute enough, but imagine my surprise when she walked in on crazy hat day wearing that hat! More surprising was that it still was in excellent condition! She was bouncing off the walls, she was so happy. She told everyone she could about how that was her brother’s hat and that I made it, AND that he let her use it. It was so sweet.

I have made so many many crochet items for my students over the 11 years I’ve worked in the after-school program, I don’t remember the half of what has gone out. It’s really nice to hear about the items the recipients still treasure. It’s even more wonderful when I get the chance to see it again!

7 thoughts on “SpongeBob Square Pants Crochet Hat

  1. I second that emotion!! I am actually crying not just tearing up. It is so great to see how your amazing masterpieces are cherished. So proud of the hands that have the skill to create such art and make so many kids happy!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!

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